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Hi, I'm vinny

Male / 40 / Married

Sun Sign: Libra
Member Since: 22 Feb 2016
Last Login: 22 Feb 2016
Last Updated: 22 Feb 2016

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Location: bicester, Oxfordshire, England

Occupation: printer

My Philosophy On Life: What you put out comes back to you,help others especially those less fortunate,smile,be happy,look at the bigger picture,all life is precious,love,forgive and every day be grateful for what you have

My Interests: Family:spirituality:health and well being:sport and fitness:astronomy:walking:the outdoors:animals

My Inspirations: Dali lama:bob marley:normal everyday people that do good, help others and sacrifice for others

Music I Love: Bob marley:soul:r and b:rap music lol:piano based classical music

Movies I Love: Hortons hear a who:Shawshank redemption:Lord of the rings:star wars films:marvel and dc films

TV Shows I Love: Extremely makeover home edition:undercover boss:football programmes:ancient aliens:x files:walking dead

Books I Love: 5 regrets of dying:the secret:the power:stephen hawking:spiritual growth:fever pitch:the art of happiness:same soul many bodies:wonders of the universe:opening to channel

Places I Love: Tobago:canary islands:wales:countryside:mountains:coastlines:home

Quotes I Love: What you put out comes back:attitude of gratitude:thoughts become reality:all power is from within therefore it is under our own control:whether you can or not either way you are right


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