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Hi, I'm Sheena

Female / 74 / Single

Sun Sign: Virgo
Member Since: 12 Nov 2010
Last Login: 14 Mar 2011
Last Updated: 12 Nov 2010

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About Me

I am on a spiritual search and interested in meditation.I would like to meet others on this path.
I am retired, very "together" and at peace with life.Only looking for friendship with like minded people. I read avidly,and am relaxed and easy going. A mother and Grandmother, but on my own

More About Me

Location: AYR, South Ayrshire, Scotland

My Philosophy On Life: Be kind and do not judge

My Interests: Member of a womans book group, run a mixed book group, belong to an online "Mind, Body, Soul Book group., Enjoy eating and chatting with friends. Walk regularly

My Inspirations: Jamie Oliver for his shear entheusism and work with difficult teenagers

Music I Love: Dance me to the end of love by Leonard Cohan

Movies I Love: The Shawshank Redemption

TV Shows I Love: Frasier, always makes me laugh, especially Niles

Books I Love: So So many. The latest is The Help by Catherine Stocket

Places I Love: Iona plus so many others. I have travelled a lot

Quotes I Love: I loved you once
I love you still
I always have
I always will. Sent to my grand daughter in Australia


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