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Hi, I'm karen

Female / 43 / Married

Sun Sign: Capricorn
Member Since: 3 Sep 2010
Last Login: 27 Sep 2010
Last Updated: 3 Sep 2010

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About Me

hi my name is karen, i am a mum to 3 children who are my life, i have been involved in sychic circles which i really really enjoyed. I am intrested in anything to do with the spirit world, i also have my very own crystal ball in which i have been told i am goin to work with by spirit, i am very open to all aspect in the spirit world too..I do really want to grow in my sychic awareness but also do belive when my time comes to work along side spirit it will come an i will be ready....

More About Me

Location: manchester, Lancashire, England

Occupation: homemaker

My Philosophy On Life: I think you have to live everyday as if its your last as you never know whats just around the corner. And grasp what you have with both hands and keep it close.

My Interests: spiritualism, crystals, long walks with my children, any outdoor events, eating out, meeting people

My Inspirations: my nana inspires me and my dad...

Music I Love: anything from john lennon to the kings of leon.

Movies I Love: bruce almighty, shawshank redemption, green mile, blood brothers, liar liar, theres something about mary, etc.

TV Shows I Love: shameless, friends, americas next top model, hate jeremy kyle.. and love reality shows

Books I Love: martina cole, meave binchy, love autobiographys..

Places I Love: cornwall, newquay, alcudia, ibiza, etc..


Steve - Massage Therapist
Steve - Massage Therapist

Thursday, December 1st, 2011 6:06 PM



Thursday, November 4th, 2010 12:08 PM

Hi .. .thanks for adding me x

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