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Hi, I'm jamie

Male / 50 / Single

Sun Sign: Libra
Member Since: 26 Jul 2010
Last Login: 26 Jul 2010
Last Updated: 26 Jul 2010

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About Me

I'm a person who is very influenced by music & at present i feel 'stuck' in my mediocrity & at a very deep level wanting to connect with my powerful loving self.

More About Me

Location: kidderminster, Worcestershire, England

Occupation: health food shop assistant

My Philosophy On Life: All parts of the whole are connected,thus we grow or die as one

My Interests: Many types of music, Philosophy, Singing, Writing & expressing inspiring poetry

My Inspirations: Nelson Mandela, Bruce Lee, Jose Mourinho

Music I Love: Faithless, Kings Of Leon, Many others

Movies I Love: The Shawshank Redemption, Milk, Yes Man

TV Shows I Love: Scrubs, Only Fools & Horses

Books I Love: The Alchemist

Places I Love: Being by the sea & looking out to a beautiful horizon, where the transcending light of love truth & freedom does shine forth

Quotes I Love: Let love touch your fragile heart
Your beauty is my true solace


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