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Hi, I'm Dean k Holden

Male / 65 / Single

Sun Sign: Capricorn
Member Since: 16 Jul 2008
Last Login: 14 Oct 2013
Last Updated: 5 Oct 2013

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About Me

I have been residing in the UK more regularly for the last two years. prior to that my primary residence was in the USA for 22 years. I still go back and forth. Also lived in Germany and Switzerland for a few years. Taking time out from constant traveling to work on literary endeavors. You can find my latest book NEW LIGHT THROUGH OLD WINDOWS on Ibooks, Nook, Kindle and all the other major ereaders. Currently working on whats been called a novel of our times THE 3RD PRINCIPLE OF FIRE. Even though I was born in England I have spent the majority of my life out of the country. I am still getting acquainted.

More About Me

Location: Avon, Somerset, England

Occupation: Motivational Speaker, Author, Consultant

My Philosophy On Life: I have tried to explore much of the vast terrain inside and out of me in the various places I have been drawn too, trying to digest the lessons that each of those places have laid out before me. I have wandered about in various disciplines but only briefly as I always had a sense that life was simply a reflection of who we saw ourselves to be, so have just continued to look for clues to my own unfolding amongst the mountains I have climbed and the cliffs that I have frequently fallen from.

My Interests: photography, you can check out some of my images on my website, DEANKHOLDEN.COM, travel, oceans, open hearts and warm smiles, log fires and soft exchanges. art, music, movies and theater, candlelight dinners with gentle minds.

My Inspirations: Anyone with the courage to explore the richness of our spirit.

Music I Love: if you take out rap, brass bands and swiss yodeling music I am quite at home wandering about anywhere in between.

Movies I Love: Mostly movies that contain something that will get me to think or feel or take away with me.

TV Shows I Love: Not big on TV, but a good documentary will get my attention always.

Books I Love: Mostly about peoples lives as I find our journey through this world and how we try to cope with it fascinating, and we all have a great story to tell.

Places I Love: Spent a number of years in Hawaii so a part of me will always reside there, but each place I have visited has its own reflection of beauty.

Quotes I Love: Life is just a bowl of albran (small faces I believe)



Thursday, July 31st, 2008 12:38 AM

Such a lovely man. One who is well worth getting to know on a deep level. gmb

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