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Hugh Retail Profits ...and Referral Commissions!

Type: Business Opportunity
Category: MLM / Network Marketing

Colorado Springs,
(719) 390-0561

SenSatiaFruit was developed by Greenwood Health Systems, and proudly added to our product range in November 2006. SenSatiaFruit is produced using proprietary extraction technology that removes the water content from fruits, without removing or damaging the natural nutritional content of the fruits. SenSatiaFruit is 100% natural, and one single bottle contains the active nutrients found in multiple bottles of the six top selling juices, Noni, Mangosteen, Acai, Gojo, Pomegranate, and resberry. That means that you could buy one bottle of SenSatiaFruit or buy thirty bottles of other products, and get the same result! To back that statement up, there is a complete list of ingredients on the website. There is also a live link there for each ingredient that you can click on to read the documented, scientific, and historical benefits of each ingredient. SenSatiaFruit is the most nutritionally complete Juice Super-Food available, and it comes with a full 100% money back guarantee!

As a Preferred Customer, you can purchase SenSatiaFruit (and other world class products) in bulk at extremely high discounts. These discounts permit members to earn retail mark-ups of over 100% by reselling our products. Greenwood Health Systems has many members who routinely order in excess of $10,000.00 worth of our products each month for resale under this system.

Referral Commissions.

Retail Sales is not the only way to make money. Greenwood Health Systems is a Referral Marketing (Word Of Mouth) Marketing Company, which means that you earn monthly commissions from people you introduce to our products who want to order them directly from the company on a monthly basis. You also earn commissions from the people they introduce to our products, and, from the people they introduce to them, and so on, and that continues down through 12 pay levels!

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