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 13-12-2005 06:05:17 PM
From: United States

I just finished my story and how I ended up doing what I do. I made a major effort to make it entertaining and informative, so here goes.....

In 1993 after 12 years of battling cancer my Dad was experiencing his last tumor. I decided to help him heal through natural medicine and learn about natural healing methods for myself. I had just finished massage school and practiced massage on the side as I spliced high voltage cable for the power company during the day. We found a Naturopath that gave oxygen therapy treatments to boost Dad’s immune system. Receiving oxygen therapy five days a week for five weeks brought his immune system from 25 to 95%. In addition Dad’s diet changed to more raw organic whole foods and receiving massages from me was the best he felt. A major problem we were up against was a recent tumor removal surgery had cut some nerves that were painfully growing back together and Dad was put on morphine to ease his pain. This brought his immune system down again and a few months later he died. I learned then, that I wanted to know why there is so much illness in this country. Did you know the leading cause of death in the United States is Western Medicine and our diet? It’s called SAD, the Standard American Diet. One of my teachers told me an experience he had while on a plane during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. He was sitting next to a man that said “this time of year is very good for my business” and my teacher asked “what do you do?” He replied that he owned a funeral home and that people literally eat themselves to death this time of year. He added that he is absolutely forbidden to write articles about it. This is going to sound really weird but I believe after years of study my Dad died from "Listerine". There are 36,000 cases of mouth cancer a year from our oral hygiene poison personal care products and 500 deaths a year from the alcohol ingestion.

I lost interest in my day job and opened a full time private practice. In 1995 after practicing massage therapy for a couple of years I attempted to use aromatherapy in my sessions. The oils were inconsistent from the sources and some were repulsive. What turned the tide for me was attending an initiation ceremony for ministers. The woman leading the initiation used frankincense that felt and smelled incredible. She had purchased it in China and had no idea how I could get any. The next day I went to the local massage store and bought frankincense. Frankincense is frankincense, right? It was disgusting! I realized then that I had no idea what I was doing and proceeded to pore all my so called essential oils out and give up. A few months later a fellow massage therapist introduced me to Young Living Essential Oils and gave me an essential oil treatment that made me very euphoric. I had an epiphany then that this was what I had been missing. I began to study with the Naturopath Dr Gary Young that created these particular oils. I have had several personal experiences as well as witnessing clients have some amazing results using these essential oils. My most severe client had MS and she came to me once a week for 2 1/2 years to receive a technique called raindrop therapy, which is dropping specific oils in a specific order along the spine. I watched her pain and muscle spasms go away and her brain function and digestion come back. Another client says his golf game is awesome after a raindrop therapy session, as it leaves him relaxed and focused at the same time.

After witnessing so many successful experiences I began to teach people how to use the oils in their daily lives and business. Did you know that most personal care products, all pharmaceutical drugs and fast junk food are full of petrochemicals? What these chemicals do is place a toxic film over your receptor sights that are located at all your nerve endings. These receptor sights when healthy receive hormones for proper body function, but when they are covered with toxins they cannot do their job. The essential oils or plant extracts can digest the petrochemicals in the body and repair the damage. When I give someone a massage they are getting a receptor sight bath and in my Aromatherapy seminar you will learn how to benefit daily.

Aromatic plants have been used since the dawn of history. Both the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians recorded the use of over 850 essential oils for healing. Essential oils are more powerful than fresh herbs because they are the lifeblood of the plant. They carry a high vibratory frequency that affect the brain and have a powerful effect on our minds and the healing of illness in our bodies.

In this day seminar you will learn:

Why disease is so prevalent today and what you can do to
become healthier
How to clear toxic chemical build-up in your body
How to alter your emotions
How to relieve pain
Remove brain fog and have clear thinking
How to become more motivated and effective in your life
Intuitively how to use the oils, as well as the "Emotional Release Technique" and the "Raindrop Therapy

Next seminar Sun Jan 22nd 2006 10 - 7 PM in Seattle, WA USA
For great infomation about the oils, how to use them and ordering go to:

Through my studies with Dr Gary Young and the practical use of his Young Living Essential Oils I learned much about nutrition as well.

How many of you prefer to eat healthy? How many of you would like eating healthy to be easy and convenient?
More recently I have discovered the extensive benefits of whole foods through the Wholefood Farmacy. I am impassioned by my results and the results of my friends and clients. The Wholefood Farmacy creates delicious convenient raw organic whole food meals and snacks that make it easy to eat healthy no matter where you are. The main result is people have lost their craving for junk food and crave whole food instead. I have been eating Wholefood Farmacy food for 1 1/2 years and am not near as hungry anymore and make very healthy choices naturally. The Farmacy is also an educational company that teaches about how fruits and vegetables look like the body parts that they nourish, called the signature in nature. For instance an avocado is great for female sexual hormones and function. It looks like a cervix, cut open it looks like a pregnant woman and it takes nine months from bloom to ripened fruit. What do you think banana’s are for? Male sexual function.

Celery is good for bone, sounds like a bone breaking and is used in sound effects for fights in movies. Broccoli branches are for bronchial tubes and the broccoli tips are good for sperm. A carrot looks like an iris when cut open. A kidney bean looks exactly like a kidney. Peanuts are natures viagra because of the arganine in them. The same thing they put in the pharmaceutical viagra. What do figs look like? Testis and are for male virility. A walnut looks like a brain and is great for enhancing brain function. The list goes on and on. If you or anyone you know can benefit from being educated about whole food nutrition I am available for presentations for your group.
Try "Phi Plus" a delicious 51 raw organic ingredient whole food meal or snack.

As for spiritual exploration about six years ago I belonged to a meditation group and the facilitator began studying Ancient Mystery School spiritual empowerment methods in Utah. She learned a modality called the 22-Strand DNA Activation, so I set up an appointment and had it done. I noticed changes right away. It was easier for me to choose a more healthy lifestyle, negative emotions and attachments released and my brain function seemed to be more efficient. I noticed about every three months for the first year my brain functioning better. I also became bolder in my life and purpose. Soon after my activation I began studying the Tree of Life (Kabbalah) and found it to be a great tool for wisdom, understanding and clearing. After the first year of being activated I traveled to Utah to the Mystery School. I learned how to administer the 22-Strand DNA Activation and several other empowerment methods.

Most people only have one or two strands activated and only use five to ten percent of their brain capacity. How much of your brain you are using is directly related to how much of your DNA is activated. So more of your brain capacity will start coming on line. The most profound thing I learned was that when you have your 22-Strand DNA activated it looks like the tree of life in 3-D, has a blue core (codon blue) in the center and spins clockwise. There are 10 spheres on the tree and 22 paths that link up the spheres. It incorporates the charkas, hips, shoulders and temples. The spheres represent colors, numbers, planets, magical beings, names and aspects of God, plants, animals, groups of angels, archangels, symbols, scents, stones, ritual objects, etc. The 22 paths that link the spheres are the 22 major arcana of the tarot, the archetypes that we embody. The sphere on the top of your head is your connection to source that the three pillar paths all lead to. The 22-Strand DNA Activation activates the master cell of the pineal gland that holds the blue print of who you are and what you came here to do. After studying the Kabbalah since 1999, it makes total sense to me that our DNA fully activated would look like the tree of life. I believe this pattern is in everything and we are the tree of life. Feel free to email or give me a call with any questions you may have. Laura 206-412-5170, [email protected]

Soaring Spirits Light Center
206-412-5170 Laura Legere [email protected]
Healthy Living & Spiritual Exploration

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 13-03-2006 02:20:11 AM
The Aloe Guy
The Aloe Guy
From: United States

I wanted to say you did a fine job with your story. I see that you are well connected to the spiritual side.


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