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osteopathy in all areas

Rejuvenate with Rolfing
I help people get MORE OF WHAT THEY WANT out of their bodies, and LESS OF WHAT THEY DON'T WANT out of their bodies . Cert Adv Rolfer, 3rd year student of Traditional Manual Osteopathy, Cranial-Sacral
Woodinville, Washington

Millennium Healthcare
Millennium Healthcare combines traditional and holistic medicine including family practice, gynecology, surgery, massage therapy, chiropractic, hypnotherapy, and traditional Chinese medicine.
Atlanta, Georgia

Ohio Academy of Holistic Health, inc.
Accredited school and clinical facility. MD directed. Certifications in massage therapy, hypnotherapy, medical assistance, and many others. Doctors and practitioners in integrative healthcare clinic.
Xenia, Ohio

ACU WELL Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine
Dr. Alex Tatevian is Board Diplomate and licensed acupuncturist in the State of RI with 25 years experience. MD degree from the Moscow Medical School with training in osteopathy and manual therapy.
Warwick, Rhode Island

Revived By Water
Get your health back by drinking Kangen alkaline water..benefits include, eliminating free radicals, release excess body fat, normalizing blood glucose and blood pressure, healthy colon function, etc.
Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Croteau Health Practice, Inc.
Holistic family medical practice incorporating homeopathy, osteopathic manipulative therapy and natural approaches to health management.
Yellow Springs, Ohio

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