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By David Major

As many as 95% of your self beliefs are not yours! You simply collected them from other people in your younger years. If those beliefs are for your own protection and safety that・s fine. If, however, they limit your freedom of choice and action, it is time to let them go.

An irate teacher, who is having a bad hair day, may tell a child in a moment of extreme exasperation, .You will never be any good at arithmetic・. The child will accept this and, next time it gets a sum wrong will justify it by thinking .Teacher was right・. Then, instead of working even harder at maths, the student uses this fast developing, self fulfilling, prophecy as an excuse for avoiding any figure work. You can apply this example to any skill or learned ability. What similar beliefs concerning perceived weaknesses do you hold? Where did they originate? Would you be willing to let them go now? Could you? When?

Some early strictures may have been valid at the time. .Don・t scribble in a text book・ was simply to ensure pristine copies for next term・s students. Does it still prevent you from actually using and getting the best out of your books, where personal marks can assist your location and retrieval of selected passages? Think of belief examples from your own life that may have been valid at the time but, that no longer serve you well.

Limiting beliefs can also be about people. If a short, fat, bearded park-keeper gave you a severe dressing down for riding your bike on the grass ... do you now have difficulty relating to short, fat or bearded men? Consider your prejudices against people of any specific race, colour, creed, gender, size or occupation. Where did they originate? Even if they were valid then, let them go now. Let your adult logic persuade you that an unfortunate experience with one individual should not colour your attitude towards all others from that particular category.

Finally, what about those excuses that can so easily become erroneous and limiting beliefs?
If you ever find yourself saying [or even thinking] phrases like; I am too old, too young, too tall, too fat, too busy, too ugly, too beautiful, too lazy, too stupid ... to do something, then watch out and stop yourself before it is .too late・. Switch from :I can・t; to, :I could if I wanted to, but, I choose not to right now;.

Successful people absolutely believe that they can succeed. They don・t even consider a .what if・ failure situation. Because they believe, their success follows. Be careful of your beliefs about yourself. Ditch the limiting ones right now. Develop the positive ones for the rest of your life.

X Develop an awareness of your self beliefs
X Eliminate negative words from your vocabulary and thoughts
X Take a .t break・. Change .can・t・ to .can・
X Recall your successes in the belief that you CAN repeat them
X Eradicate any earlier beliefs that have become rancid with time
X Replicate and model the belief systems of successful people
X What others have done, you can also do. Believe this firmly
X Your self belief will grow when you focus on the goodness in others
X The opinions of others belong to them. Do not take what isn・t yours
X Remind yourself that, within every challenge, is the seed to is solution
BONUS TIP: Never, ever plant a limiting belief in the mind of another

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Tuesday, April 11th, 2017 6:43 AM

Thank you for the article.I really like your article.I am extremely agreed with each word written your post.95% of your self-beliefs are not ours.That are collect from childhood and we always follow that.I read an article from the site best essay writing service about the same topic.

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