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Becoming Multidimensional

By Amy Tang

As our hearts open and we merge with our Divine Selves, we are BECOMING MULTI-DIMENSIONAL BEINGS. Each one of us is rapidly evolving and transforming. We are literally changing our bodies, our brains, our history, our frequencies and our understanding of reality itself.

The evolution of our planet is dependent upon the transformation of each individual. Therefore, we are all experiencing enormous shifts in our personal lives. As you become multi-dimensional, you will notice many changes. Perhaps the most important is that your heart chakra opens and expands.

The heart chakra is the “Valve Chakra”. It is the doorway between the lower chakras (root, sacral and solar plexus) and higher chakras (throat, third eye and crown). When the valve is open, you are creative, intuitive and connected to Source. However, if the heart chakra is closed, you are primarily operating from your first three chakras only.

Opening your heart causes a noticeable shift in consciousness oftentimes including an awakening. Changes occur in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. There is an energetic opening of the heart chakra, which allows you to more easily access the higher chakras of creativity, insight, intuition and wisdom. Mystical experiences such as “Samadhi” and “Nirvana” can only be achieved upon opening your heart and merging with your Divine Self.

As the heart opens to deeper levels, your entire chakra system also transforms. You become “rooted” in the heart chakra, which then vibrates out to all other chakras, putting you in perfect alignment with the core of the earth and the Galactic Center. The heart chakra’s tri-fold flames of power, love and wisdom begin to glow even brighter.

Amy Tang
Amy Is the co-founder of Lights On - a FREE online educational portal of SELF discovery and is the author of "A Playdate with Destiny: Turning Daring Risks, Subtle Setbacks and Painful Disappointments into a Fun-filled Adventure".

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