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By Mikael Zayat

The air in many temples and other religious gatherings has been tested and shown to be toxic. In some cases, it was even worse than in extremely polluted cities. The culprit was the burning of synthetic incenses. This information is very alarming, but not surprising since most incense sticks available on the market are anything but natural. We asked the producers in India and Nepal about the ingredients they use in their formula. Most of them were not aware that the fragrances they bought from Europe, mainly France,were not extracted from the real plant but chemically formulated.

Burning this kind of incense and/or aromatic candles can cause discomfort, headaches, dizziness, asthma and allergies.  Fortunately, there is an alternative. We can purify the air in our living environment as well as our ritual place by using natural aromatic essential oils that are diffused into the air using an electric aromatic diffuser or by simply putting a few drops of oil on a ribbon in front of a fan. The best oils to use in this case would be Balsam Fir, Eucalyptus and Lavender or some of our 100% natural blends like Conifer, Clear, White Light, Om, Stress Out, Christmas Joy, etc.

These oils can also help fight airborne diseases that can cause flu including avian flu. Our blend Flu Out can work remarkably well, along with Immune Up and Spell Out. You can also use these oils while traveling by putting a few drops on a Kleenex, a shirt or pajamas!

Mikael Zayat

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