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Dealing with your emotions after a traumatic event

By Sue Heldenbrand

Energy Healing offers a means to access the emotional part of our brain and to release traumatic memories from the body.

What happens in our bodies and our brain when we perceive a threatening situation or we have been through a traumatic situation?

The amygdala which is part of the limbic or emotional brain, sends adrenaline and other hormones into the blood stream. Feelings of anger, rage, fear, avoidance and defensiveness are involved in this part of the brain. The amygdala is what inspires the freeze reaction, sweaty palms, muscles to tense, protective postures or facial expressions.

Traumatic events or situations can be overwhelming experiences. Trauma can be a series of events, abuse, fear produced by a critical and unsupportive parent or anything that produces a feeling of helplessness. Our bodies store these traumatic events in our unconscious survival memory centers.

When we experience sensations, images, smells, sights or anything that remind us of the trauma, our body reacts as if being a present threat. Our brains are unable to release this message of threat that it is receiving and shows up as symptoms of fear and anxiety. The traumatic experience still exists in our brain and contains the emotional and conscious memory traces of the event.

Most people that have gone through a traumatic situation do not want to keep re-living it. Something may trigger the release of the stored emotions from the event and the person reacts without knowing why. Instead of having to talk about a trauma and continually bring up emotions, energy-based therapies offer a healing sequence for releasing stuck fear patterns and brings a sense of calm.

Energy-based techniques that are done in a specific sequence, can help persons with post-traumatic stress syndrome, chronic patterns of fear, panic and anxiety. This causes a shift in their energectic field allowing the fear-based energetic patterns to shift to a new response of calm and compassion. This feeling of calm helps to produce the relaxation response, thus allowing our bodies to heal.

This technique is great for anyone that has gone through any sort of traumatic situation or accident. This was developed as a technique to be used for the “Ready for the Return” of soldiers coming back from war and also for their family and friends. It has also been used with victims of hurricane disasters with great results.

This particular sequence can provide long lasting effects for people with PTSD, panic attacks, chronic anxiety and obsessive thinking. Each time that this technique is used, it has a cumulative effect as energetic changes last from one session to another.

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Sue Heldenbrand, chtp

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Thursday, July 26th, 2012 1:30 AM

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