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Articles about Weight Loss

Weight Loss Hypnosis
This article reviews the positive effect of hypnosis for weight loss.
By Paul Gustafson RN BSN CH

Holistic Weight Loss
Angela Stokes lost an incredible 12 stone with a raw food lifestyle and changed her whole life. A previous award winner in the David Kennedy Memorial Fund Prize at the House of Lords for her work on natural solutions for handling obesity, Angela has been widely featured in the British press and on TV, sharing her message of hope for recovery from overeating and obesity issues. Through her website, e-books and talks she encourages others to take a holistic, sustainable path to weight loss.
By Angela Stokes

Weight Loss - 10 Top Industry Secrets
This article outlines 10 top secrets that I use with my clients to help them achieve their ideal weight and keep it that way.
By Leigh Brandon

Not Just a Weight-Loss Retreat
A detox retreat is a great way to lose weight, gain health, and more!
By Heather Mullin

Holistic Weight Loss
This article is one I wrote after exploring reasons for holistic weight loss. I am a freelance writer and write articles about various topics.
By Ree Strouth

Natural Weight Loss Program
If you're fed up of trying the latest diets and not getting the success you want then maybe it's time you tried something completely different...
By Louise Woods

What is a C.H.E.K. Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach
Learn the secrets of health and vitality. This radical approach to Nutrition, Lifestyle and Exercise will show you the way to weight loss, improved muscle tone, reduction of symptoms of disease, and change your outlook on life for the better!
By Gregg Marsh

The It's Impossible Not To Lose Weight Fast Strategy, An Exclusive Report
LOSE WEIGHT FAST STRATEGY- Title: The It's Impossible Not To Lose Weight Fast Strategy. Lose weight fast novel and nonfiction books, losing weight strategy, weight loss novels and non-fiction by lose weight fitness expert. Author and weight loss novelist, Edward J Longo, has written articles on his upcoming book on weight loss strategy. Just think: no need for drugs or surgery in order to find your proper weight balance. What Have YOU Got To Lose? Order this fantastic report.
By Edward J Longo

The Its Impossible Not To Lose Weight Fast Strategy
Fortunately, in spite of the numerous books on losing weight, food fasts, countless health diets, milkshakes and wonder drugs, there finally arrives a nutritionally sound weight loss program whose time has come. Get ready for a program that has been established as being impossible not to fail. That book has been titled as, The It's Impossible Not To Lose Weight Fast Strategy. Just think: There is no reason to go under the knife! No need for surgery - you can literally watch the pounds come off,
By Edward J Longo

Live Longer, Feel Better – Eat Healthy
This article is going to talk about seeds that are beneficial to our health and well being, once again seeds should be eaten raw and unsalted, and of course there are always exceptions to this rule, such as some seeds can be made into oils and other forms, which are just as healthy for us.
By Darlene Siddons

Reiki Healing for the Mind, Body and Soul
Linking the physical and emotional. How stress affects the body and mind and healing the mind, body and soul with Reiki healing and other techniques.
By Andy Chrysostomou and Dawn Mellowship

Yoga and Low Carb Diets
Yoga is an ancient system of movement designed to generate vibrant health and well being. Excellent health and well being are experienced in the results of a yoga practice such as: stress reduction, increased energy and awareness, increased flexibility, focused mind and strong body.
By Carmela Cattuti, MA.

Psychological Stress
Do you want to know what stress really is?
By Gary Bate

A Mind to Ride - Resourceful Riding
This article was written as an aid for therapists. It has been printed in the professional publications of both the National Council for Hypnotherapy and the Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy.
By Sue McIntyre

Moby Dick health secret now available in UK
Phytoplankton now available for humans...
By Carl Munson

Green Smoothie Trial
Want to regain your sparkle, lose weight, lose cravings, gain energy and improve your immune system? Without having to pay a small fortune on hundreds of supplements and super foods? Well for the last two years I have been introducing my clients to the Green Smoothie Trial - with brilliant results. Here is an article on what I have learned about this amazing simple drink.
By Joanne Oliver

The affirmation, alone, concept assumes that you have had a life with functional role models, and that your past was devoid of physical, sexual, or verbal abuse. It assumes that your mind is a clean slate… free of past pain, loss, and dysfunctional experiences. According to this theory you can “PILEON” positive affirmations over a dysfunctional past and still create the reality you want. As I discovered, the “PILE IT ON” theory, alone, just doesn’t work!
By Hu Dalconzo

How to Select a Hypnotist
This article explains how to select a qualified hypnotist.
By Paul Gustafson RN BSN CH

Hypnosis in the Hospital
This article reviews the application of hypnosis in the hospital setting.
By Paul Gustafson RN BSN CH

Hot flashes and other common menopause symptoms
Menopause is a natural life process for women. It usually occurs in your early or mid-forties, and, unfortunately, it is accompanied by a number of symptoms that can be quite concerning to most women. Some women experience very few changes during this time, while others report noticeable symptoms. The more you know about menopause, the better prepared you will be to manage any menopause-related problems that might come your way.
By Birgit Jurock

The Eight Principles of Holistic Health
We all want to live a long and healthy life, but are we going the right way about it? Complementary therapist Carl Munson thinks not. After years of searching Carl has come up with the CHAMPION plan – a guide to boosting vitality, building health and reducing the risk of disease.
By Carl Munson

Cupping therapy
An article on the benifits and history of cupping therapy, one of the worlds oldest known therapies. By Dr. John Brazier (tradtitional Chinese medicine)
By Dr John Brazier

How Houseplants Can Improve Your Health
Did you know that polluted air in the home and workplace is one of the top five public health threats in America? And did you know that it's the main reason for the rise in asthma that's been experienced over the last decade? And what would you say if I told you that NASA scientists have discovered how houseplants can solve the problem of indoor air pollution?
By Sharon Jacobsen

NO, NO, NO, It does NOT cost too much to be healthy!
Do you put off changing your diet and lifestyle because you, like so many other Americans, believe that eating and living healthy is only for the affluent? Let me show you cost effective ways to stay healthy and have fun doing it.
By Linda Hogan

How Hair Mineral Analysis Can Unlock the Secrets of Health
Hair contains all the minerals present in the body and, in most cases, reflects the quantity of these elements in your tissues. Analysis of this information provides a wealth of information on how efficiently your body is working and its nutritional status. Learn how you this information can hold the key to health problems that have plagued you for years.
By Joy Healey

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