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Articles about Sound Therapy

What is Sound Therapy
An introduction on how sound can help improve health and well-being.
By Lyz Cooper

Combining Reiki energy with other modalities
Combining energy healing with other modalities, such as crystals and gemstones with sound therapy as well as aromatherapy, prayer or meditation can deepen your healing experience. Read a sampler about how healing can take place on all levels (physical, mental and spiritual) with Reiki, intuitive coaching and psychic mediumship.
By Hope Cramer

Hidden benefits of reflexology
Reflexology can have some surprising effects on the emotional as well as the physical body.
By Helen Thompson

The Antaneea Technique - A New Vibrational System of Healing
South Africa is a country vibrant and alive with spiritual potential and gifts for the world. Those able to tap into the powerful energy resources are bringing through amazing tools and techniques for us to work with.....
By Julie Umpleby

Magnetic bracelets reduce pain in osteoarthritis
“Magnetic bracelets reduce the pain of osteoarthritis.” Those are the findings of a scientifically peer reviewed clinical trial published in the British Medical Journal (Dec 17 04) The trial used specially designed ‘Bioflow’ magnets which use Central Reverse Polarity™ made by Cornish company Ecoflow Plc.
By Alison Rees

The Dolphin Lady
"THE DOLPHIN LADY" BOOK A BOOK ABOUT DOLPHINS, SHELLS, SOUNDS AND HEALING As people’s fascination with Dolphins continues to grow, "The Dolphin Lady" offers realisations of the actual, a relationship that is open to whoever dares! "The Dolphin Lady" shows how minor setbacks and changes in lifestyle and direction are never negative and can be realised as joyous standing stones to aid and direct the personal journey. No matter how tested one feels or challenged by setbacks, Delphiris's story displays a refreshing way to see life, finding positive reasons to remain on the path of true meaning. This book is therapeutically all encompassing.
By Delphiris

Cupping therapy
An article on the benifits and history of cupping therapy, one of the worlds oldest known therapies. By Dr. John Brazier (tradtitional Chinese medicine)
By Dr John Brazier

Part 2 - An Introduction to Sound Healing - The Sacred Gong
What is Sound Healing. How does it work? How can it help me? These question and others are answered in Part 2 of An Introduction to Sound Healing. Part 2 focuses on the use of the Gong as a sacred tool in healing and transformation.
By Richard Grossman, L.Ac., O.M.D., Ph.D.

Laura's Story
I just finished my story and how I ended up doing what I do. I made a major effort to make it entertaining and informative, so here goes.....
By Laura Legere

Simple Psychology for Therapists
Have you ever considered how much psychology affects our illness or even better how much it can affect the quality of your treatment?
By Dr John Brazier

What is Vibrational Healing?
What is vibrational healing? How do blocks in the human energy field manifest into physical diease?
By Betsy Hess, DIHom

Living Medicine-Pharmaceutical Free - Part II
Living Medicine-Pharmaceutical Free sounds like an oxymoron—doesn’t it? To some it is—to others it will seem redundant, because millions of people throughout the world are living Medicine/Pharmaceutical Free. How can that be?—Every one gets sick—you might say. Yes, occasionally, people need remedies because they are sick, however, there are a plethora of natural remedies.
By Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD

History Of Reflexology - Corrections
Your teacher is only as good as the information provided to them. Is it possible that an error is in most of the reflexology books regarding the history of reflexology? Someone read the book, taught it, repeated it, repeated it some more, until it is in all the reflexology books. Does this make it so, real, and liable information? I am a seeker of Reflexology truth. Read the copy of history from my book One Step Beyond and find out details and proof on this subject. Seek and you shall find.
By Master Helen Whysong

ADD/ADHD - Drug Free Treatments
A brief look at the over diagnosis and use of prescription medications for ADD/ADHD. A list of drug free options and web links to get more information.
By Mary M. Ernsberger

The problem with mind-body-spirit shows
Love ‘em or loathe ‘em, mind-body-spirit shows are a great way for novices to get an introduction to the scene, or for old-timers to keep in touch with the latest therapies, ideas and speakers.
By Carl Munson

Interfaith Reporter
Here's an armchair journey through several different religions - an eyewitness report from experiences discovering the Divine in varied approaches as I visited churches, temples, and spiritual gatherings.
By loveCarol - Holy Names Mission

Genetically Modified Foods and Our Health
With the introduction of the first genetically modified tomato to the commercial market in 1994, there has been great debate over the use of GM foods in our community.
By Debbie Cotton Ad.Dip.Nat - CNM Lecturer

The Dying Process ~ From an Experiencer's Perspective
This article describes in vivid detail the process of dying, what it feels like to die and what happens on the Other Side ... as written by someone who's been there several times! This is sure to help people overcome their fear of death -- death being an illusion -- and provide peace of mind. We live forever ... and the only thing we lose in death is our physical body. That's it! Nothing more is lost! Read more...
By Rev. Juliet Nightingale

Success with Money for Spiritual People
We all need money to pay our bills, but for spiritual people making money is becoming more important. Perhaps it’s time to stop giving your services away and start making money, not just to survive, but so you can influence ethical change.
By Neil Millar

The Modern Naturopath
Naturopathy is a 19th century word meaning “nature cure”. Historically, a Naturopath was one who healed using treatments incorporating water, air, light, good nutritious food, as well as massage, to cleanse, detoxify and stimulate the bodyís inborn healing powers. While Naturopathy often brings up ideas of cold baths, exercise, fresh air, it is more subtle and wide-ranging discipline that can help a huge range of ailments as well as maintaining good health.
By Cornelis van Dalen

“Begin It NOW!”
12 Practical Steps to get you up and running
By Andrew Ferguson

New Thinking on Psychology - The Mind
Having begun his working life as a mariner, John is an extraordinary man with an awesome intellect. His book explains in simple terms the scientific and philosophical concepts that underpin his work and takes readers on a journey of discovery as they follow these concepts through to their logical, and fascinating, conclusions. The book “Energy over Mind” presents readers with an understanding of the mind that will leave even the most skeptical with the feeling that something has been found
By John Mace

Performance Coaching
This article appeared in CIPD Thames Valley People December 2000 Volume 7 Issue 3 and in Highlighter, Fall 2001. (New York). It was edited to fit the requirements of TVP and the Highlighter and has been reproduced in full here.
By John Fielder and Malcolm Arin-Strutt

A Trouble Shared
Sometimes life just turns around and bites us when we're feeling most vulnerable. What do you in such a situation? Who can you turn to for help?
By Penny Samuels

Choose a job you love
"Choose a job you love and then you will never have to work a day in your life" My name is Geraldine Winter, owner of LifeChangers in Hampshire, UK. I am qualified in many therapies through The School of Natural Health Sciences (SNHS Ltd) –
By Geraldine Winter

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