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Articles about Shamanism

NLP with a dash of shamanism for resourcefulness all the time
Remember how easy it is at times when you are seeing clearly, in the flow, in the zone, inspired, intuitive? What will it be like when you can feel this way anywhere, anytime, easily and automatically?
By Susanna Bellini

Ayahuasca: Nature's Teacher (Shamanism)
Many people hope that humanity is at the very doorstep of an extraordinary shift. This 'shift' is really about the return of the feminine and healing is coming to humanity from nature; from mother-earth; from Gaia. Nature is working towards healing herself. Ayahuasca is nature's teacher.
By Ralph Miller

Siberian Shamanism – the differences practicing in the West
Going to see a shaman - in Siberia, and in Europe.
By Mackenzie Blyth

Ayahuasca: The University of Gaia (Shamanism)
Some plants nourish us. Some plants are used to heal our physical bodies. And some plants are medicines for the soul. They teach us the way back to the divine within us. They infuse our consciousness with the consciousness of nature. The 'school' metaphor is actually not a metaphor at all. During an Ayahuasca ceremony, you start in one place and you end in another place. Class begins at 9pm … the bell rings … and "mother-Aya" gives the lesson for the day!
By Ralph Miller

Alternative therapies and teaching available
The Feng Shui Hotel in Blackpool has opened with a new concept for hotels. Courses on all spiritual healing and alternative therapies are held here with teachers from all over the world invited to teach their field of expertise from Feng Shui Grand Master Joseph Yu , Toronto Canada, Dusty Miller Livewood and shamanism to Joey Korn geopathic stress and Dowsing all the way from the USA. Shannon O Flaherty Theta Healing and DNA Activation from New York. All therapies available every day just call
By Kate Burns

Reiki in the West
I am a Reiki Master Teacher since 1995, practicing and teaching Reiki San Antonio tm, which is a combination of Usui/Takata Traditional and Local cultural healing arts. Over the Past 30 years, I have adventured into different healing styles from many different areas (including Japan and Hawaii) and with many different teachers to include, Yoga, Tai chi, Qigong, Native American Healing, Peruvian Shamanism, and have received a certificate in Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
By Carolyn Maloney

Shamanic Healing & Soul Retrieval
Ready to reclaim your personal power?
By Zannie Rose

Black and White Reiki
BLACK AND WHITE REIKI Did I get your attention? Black and White Reiki. Not negative and positive Reiki or anal detailed Reiki, or Evil and Good Reiki. The objective of this article will be a harmony, like the Yin Yang symbol of China. The Yin meaning is the “Receptive”, female energy, opposite of Yang which is the “Creative”, masculine energy. Likewise in Hawaii, the morning, the sun and the East are “ku”, and are the same as the Chinese “Yang” energies. The evening, the moon, the west and the
By Carolyn Maloney

FLIGHT OF THE SEA EAGLE : Susanna Bellini's NLP and energy-work with animals first appeared in ANLP's Rapport magazine, Spring 2008 edition
By Caitlin Collins

The Way of Light
Article written by Rak Razam after visiting the Temple of the Way of Light in July 2009
By Rak Razam

The Way of Light
Article written by Rak, author of Aya - a Shamanic Odyssey - who stayed at the Temple of the Way of Light in July 2009
By Rak Razam

Shamanic Connections
Shamanic connections : an Animists perspective
By Phil Cowley Jones

Mackenzie Blyth was offered an apprenticeship by a senior shaman in Tuva, Southern Siberia where he was playing with local musicians in the mid 1990s. He kept returning to study and in 2000 he became an initiated shaman. He is based in London, UK.
By Mackenzie Blyth

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