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Articles about Sexuality

Meet your Ideal Mate, Enjoy Love Intimacy & Sexuality
Still looking for your ideal partner? Unsettled in your relationship? No More Lonely Nights - Meet Your Inner Mate Perhaps you’re single and still seeking that elusive “soulmate”, or maybe you’re disenchanted with your current relationship. Maybe you’ve given up on relationships altogether. Imagine having a mate who could be there for you 24/7. A mate who can support you in creating wonderful loving relationships with the opposite sex. Your ideal mate is closer than you think.
By Kimberley Lovell

Enjoy love, intimacy & sexuality - meet your Inner Mate...
Perhaps you're single and still seeking that elusive 'soul mate'. Maybe you're disenchanted with your current relationship. Maybe you've given up on relationships altogether. Imagine having a mate who could be there for you 24/7; a mate who can support you in creating wonderful loving relationships. Well you may be surprised to discover that your Inner Mate is waiting for you right now - just moments away.
By Carl Munson

Sexuality, the fire dancing of the 2 poles
This article is all about the interrelation of thought forms and sexuality through the evolutionary stages of humanity.
By Zsa Zsa Tudos

Attracted to The Law of Attraction? Get better results in Love & Life with Benjamin ‘Law of Attraction for Muggles’ Stubbs...
Thanks to best-selling DVD - The Secret, and the interest of A-list celebrities like Oprah and Will Smith, The Law of Attraction is now used by millions around the world, albeit with varying degrees of success. Thankfully, help is now at hand from Benjamin ‘Law of Attraction for Muggles’ Stubbs, who not only came to terms with his sexuality using this immutable law, but now helps others live happier, more fulfilled lives via his website, workshops and radio show.
By Carl Munson

Down the Rabbit Hole
In my own journey to unite my heart and my sexuality into something that resembles wholeness I often feel like Alice in Wonderland. I just don't feel like myself. But guess what? That's because the who and the what and the how of who I am are all changing constantly if I am truly doing my life as a tantric practice and truly living in the moment.
By Kypris

Allowing the Flow
Belly Dancing could be good for you
By Zannie Rose

Crystal Therapy - A Therapists Guide
Origins Crystals and crystalline rock have been around for millions of years and they make up almost all of the earth's crust. Deep within the earth’s core minerals combine and rise to the surface forming crystals. Some are formed from spectacular volcanic eruptions whilst others are formed from weathering and erosion. Whatever the method of creation the result is beautiful crystals formed of different minerals, exhibiting a wide range of colours and shapes.
By Louise Woods

We have outgrown our tenure as Maidens and as Mothers, yet old age no longer follows immediately after menopause, which is why so many midlife women don’t see ourselves (yet) as Crones. Where is the authentic archetype for us?
By Donna Henes

Still plenty of bang for your baht in Bangkok
Whilst on a recent trip to Thailand researching new treats and treatments, I had the chance to check out Healthlands, a small chain of spas, with branches in Bangkok and and Pattaya.
By Carl Munson

Be a Winner!
Like so many things in life, our thoughts and belief patterns can be the things that either make or break us. Adopting the habits of "successful" and happy people helps you become one of life's winners.
By Annie Lawler

Chakras and Personal Prosperity
Did you know that the chakras affect not only how alive and energised you feel but also inpact on your ability to generate and sustain a sense of prosperity? Working with the chakras can change your ability to live abundantly on the planet.
By Steve Nobel

Holistic Naturism
A comprehensive view of Naturism from a holistic health perspective.
By Dwayne Hubbard, NMD, MPH

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