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Articles about Self Healing

Shamanic Healing & Soul Retrieval
Ready to reclaim your personal power?
By Zannie Rose

Reiki Healing in the 21st century
Reiki Rocks
By Zannie Rose

The Antaneea Technique - A New Vibrational System of Healing
South Africa is a country vibrant and alive with spiritual potential and gifts for the world. Those able to tap into the powerful energy resources are bringing through amazing tools and techniques for us to work with.....
By Julie Umpleby

Reiki Healing for the Mind, Body and Soul
Linking the physical and emotional. How stress affects the body and mind and healing the mind, body and soul with Reiki healing and other techniques.
By Andy Chrysostomou and Dawn Mellowship

Crystals for Healing, Abundance & Balancing - Wellness Coach
Crystals, stone, minerals are live energy forms that bring enrichment to whatever they are near, they have been used for centuries for healing, wealth status, jewelry, breast plates, and many other uses. Crystals value can be traced back to Biblical times and all thru the Roman Empire.
By Darlene Siddons

Reiki Healing and Religious Belief
Does Reiki interfer with religious faiths?
By Angela Rawlins

Real Healing: Experience the Shift
Wanting more fullfillment, empowerment, joy, inner peace? Ready to let go of what is holding you back from living your deepest dreams and desires?
By Marnina Reid/ Daniel Schmachtenberger

Reiki Healing
Hands on healing for physical and emotional problems.
By Michelle Passe M.I.P.T.I.

Enhanced Healing Through Music
Music has always been a very important part of our lives, from childhood to our being an adult. As a part of our experience, music can have both a physiological and psychological affect upon us as human beings. In addition to the influence that it has on our life, music also has many therapeutic qualities and has been utilized in promoting a variety of healings throughout the ages.
By Dr Harry Henshaw

Past life healing
Past life healing through Reiki and intuitive chakra clearing.
By Patricia Chalkley

Reiki Healing and Animals
Healing Animals with Reiki
By Angela McLean BVMS MRCVS, MAAMET, Reiki Master, Karuna Ki Master

On Healing a Life
Making the most of our lives
By Tammie Byram Fowles, LISW, Ph.D.

The Best of Both Healing Worlds
The medical world today is experiencing a shift in the way it treats health and disease. While alternative therapies were quickly dismissed by physicians as worthless or dangerous just a decade ago, alternative medicines are now beginning to earn mainstream attention.
By Yvonne Perry

Into the Heart Of Your Healing
An orientation to how I understand the psychospiritual healing process
By Joan Levy

An Introduction to Sound Healing
What is Sound Healing? What is it good for? Can it help you? These and other topics are covered in the introduction to Sound Healing.
By Richard Grossman, L.Ac., O.M.D., Ph.D.

Part 2 - An Introduction to Sound Healing - The Sacred Gong
What is Sound Healing. How does it work? How can it help me? These question and others are answered in Part 2 of An Introduction to Sound Healing. Part 2 focuses on the use of the Gong as a sacred tool in healing and transformation.
By Richard Grossman, L.Ac., O.M.D., Ph.D.

Sonya’s Healing Garden Offers Unique Path to Personal Growth: An Introduction to Wei Chi Healing
Our beliefs shape the world that we see and experience each day. They act as filters to help us sort out and make sense of our experiences. Unknowingly, many of our beliefs work to maintain the world where we live separated from our self. Since you can’t change what you can’t see, this is where Wei Chi Healing comes in. Wei Chi (pronounced way chee) is a unique self-discovery process that reveals hidden belief systems that influence your expectations and the way you see the world each day.
By Sonya L. Merritt

A Journey Into Healing: Walking the Labyrinth
Take a journey through the Labyrinth, a unicursal path of self discovery and peace. Discover how this unique and sublime tool can allow you to access your inner healer.
By Christine McCullough, MA

What is Vibrational Healing?
What is vibrational healing? How do blocks in the human energy field manifest into physical diease?
By Betsy Hess, DIHom

Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage - Healing from Within
“The abdominal area, with the internal organs and their internal structures, holds the secrets of a person: things we hide from ourselves. The body holds all kinds of strategies for addressing conflict, personal history, personality, tendencies. Thus the abdominal structure holds the secret of the future, of a person’s life purpose. Any deviation from that purpose brings us in direct conflict with ourselves and causes illness” Gilles Marin, Founder of the Chi Nei Tsang Institute, USA
By Matéo Magarinos, adapted by Gilles Marin

Natural Healing With Glutathione
Could The Key To Health and Longevity Be Available For The Taking? After 25 years of research the answer is Yes!
By Randy S. Grover

The Art of Healing
The Art of Healing, opening to the divine and creation our souls link with this earth and our own internal freedom. The source of life and our own ability to quantify and see from within. Our creative source and our own message of the heart that brings a sense of wonder and joy at being in this world......!
By Jan Mitchell-fyfe

Out of the spiritual healing closet
Among the words guaranteed to push people's buttons in my daily work, are "spirit" and "healing". Put the two words together in the combination "Spiritual Healing" and you can muster up an even stronger sense of unease.
By Carl Munson

Healing, Your Child and Flower Essences
Once again my son is motivated, confident, and feeling good about himself. Not only that, he now has a greater understanding of what’s expected of him, is more calm and relaxed as well as centred, balanced and coherent.
By Michaela Scherr

The healing power of kirtan
Chanting is good - kirtan is even better!
By Carol Venable - Holy Names Mission/Healing Flow

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