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Articles about Past Life

Past life healing
Past life healing through Reiki and intuitive chakra clearing.
By Patricia Chalkley

Timeslip and Past Life Regression
A walk in the South Downs leads to a visit to the far distant past...a true story.
By Michelle Jones

How Past Lives Affect Present Life
In some cases, past life recall may cause you to want to do something different with this life. In other cases, it can be helpful in confirming the path we are already on. In my own case, I had a medical problem at birth. I always wondered why. Later on, I also discovered that certain abilities came to me naturally. And I wondered why this was so.
By Dan Liss

What is Past Life Regression?
Not a bad interpretation of past life regression. Past life regression is a process where you are taken, or you take someone else, using hypnosis, back in time. This is achieved through the memories stored in the subconscious, those memories being the ones of previous lives.
By David Vickers TSL Holistic Centre Loughborough

Past Life Regression in Hypnosis
What is a Past Life Regression session in hypnosis and how does it really work.
By Peter Fink

Transformational Counseling - Part One
Transformational Counseling is a process of assisting others to transform their lives. Transformational Counseling is a process of assisting others in their reinventing themselves, of creating a life that they love and living it powerfully. Transformational Counseling is a process of creating a space for others to get present to or become aware of their self limiting belief, to create or invent a possibility for themselves and their life that could not have existed before and to learn how to be in their possibilities as opposed to being that which has always stopped them in the past.
By Dr Harry Henshaw

Transformational Counseling - Part Two
Once one becomes present to his or her self-limiting belief, the opportunity then exists, possibly for the first time in the person’s life, to invent a possibility for his or her life, to begin to reinvent his or her life anew. An individual’s possibility is how that person will be in the present, free of the constraints or barriers of the past, a creation from nothing. Within Transformational Counseling, an individual’s possibility is a new or different way of thinking about himself or herself, of who they are, of who they will be. Like the individual’s self-limiting belief, a person’s possibility is a personal affirmation or declaration.
By Dr Harry Henshaw

Creating Possibility For Transformation
Transformational Counseling is about assisting another to transform his life. Transforming ones life is not about changing it. While life is much about doing differently, the genesis of the transformation is about a person altering or transforming his belief or thought of who he thinks he is. We tend to believe that our life is determined or influenced by people, places, things, situations and circumstance and that who we are is the mere accumulation of our past experiences but this is not so. Rather, it is our thoughts and beliefs that determine our experiences and life and also that we are completely and solely responsible for their creation.
By Dr Harry Henshaw

Wise Woman Teachings - Wellness Coach Program
Wise/Wisdom means many things to different people; to me it means: having life issues happen, face them square on, learn how to grow past them, then actually grow past them, live your life new without that issue and teach others how you did that. That way others have the opportunity to do the same thing.
By Darlene Siddons

The affirmation, alone, concept assumes that you have had a life with functional role models, and that your past was devoid of physical, sexual, or verbal abuse. It assumes that your mind is a clean slate… free of past pain, loss, and dysfunctional experiences. According to this theory you can “PILEON” positive affirmations over a dysfunctional past and still create the reality you want. As I discovered, the “PILE IT ON” theory, alone, just doesn’t work!
By Hu Dalconzo

What to Do After a Divorce, Break Up or Loss
Turn your life around for the better by improving your self esteem and resolving emotional garbage from the past so the next love relationship is healthy and enjoyable.
By Doris Jeanette, Psy.D.

Fibromyalgia: A Message?
When we are experiencing pain or disease, it is a message from our bodies. You see, when life changes are left ignored for years, Spiriit can then filter down to the physical body, because then you can't ignore the messages. Perhaps the last resort of your spiritual body's (your Higher Self) request for change, or for you to look deeper at certain issues and patterns of living, patterns of thought, etc. It wants to heal, to move you forward, make changes, and this is it's way of telling you so. Fibromyalgia is trying to tell you to nurture yourself. To stop letting your energy drain from you to others, or to some other situation. To give to yourself and not keep giving yourself away. Whether that be to a person, job or negative way of being or thinking. To let go of past wounds, or to look at them if you have not, so that they can be brought to the surfaced, healed cleared and let go. Because whether you realize it or not, your cellular body, the cells within your physical body are carrying your memories too. If these wounds are not cleared from them, the negative emotions create disease and syndromes, like Fibromyalgia.
By Eileen Smith

An Aquarian Guide
After 30 years as a psychic medium counselling people, I became very aware that if a person changed their thinking so would their life change. However, towards the end of the 90s I noted many of my clients using positive thinking and sincerely trying to manifest their ideals, were getting nowhere - I decided to look at why. The first thing I observed was people's destinies were changing to work in with the new energy during the planet's transition into the Aquarian Age. Yet, many clients were holding on to predications made in the past that still hadn't manifested - leaving them unfulfilled.
By Gina Ravenswood

Intuitive Development
As a Life Coach I receive calls everyday from people looking for answers to dilemmas in their lives—relationship issues, dissatisfaction with their careers, difficulty letting go of the past, etc. While it is my job to help people find the answers, I know they have the answers inside themselves, if only they would go within listen and trust.
By Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD

Saturn’s Transit And Its Effect On Your Life
If you life has been filled with ongoing stress, depression, emotional swings or if it has seemed like the world is falling apart around you, then please read on. During the course of the past couple of years, in particular, life hasn’t been very fun for many of us. If you thought it was just you, that only your life was in turmoil, the truth is just about everyone has been challenged over the past few years. Well finally I think I have an answer to what has been happening.
By Dr. Rita Louise

What is a Crystal Reading and Why Would I Want One
Crystal readings are sometimes done to evaluate the life cycles, and how you are directly affected by what is happening to you now, what has happened in the past and what is to come in the future.
By Darlene Siddons

Introduction to Ayurveda
Although the Indian subcontinent is believed to have been inhabited about 500,000 years in the past, agricultural ways of life began to evolve about 25,000 years ago
By Zachary Lingh

What is Coaching
In the past decade the prominence and importance of the coaching industry has skyrocketed. Now, more than ever, people from all walks of life recognize the benefits that coaching offers in both their personal and professional lives. They see the value of working with a coach and how it can help them achieve their goals and create the balanced life they desire.
By Mike Chambers

The Antaneea Technique - A New Vibrational System of Healing
South Africa is a country vibrant and alive with spiritual potential and gifts for the world. Those able to tap into the powerful energy resources are bringing through amazing tools and techniques for us to work with.....
By Julie Umpleby

Reiki Healing for the Mind, Body and Soul
Linking the physical and emotional. How stress affects the body and mind and healing the mind, body and soul with Reiki healing and other techniques.
By Andy Chrysostomou and Dawn Mellowship

Oils and Fats a farmers view
Omega three wrestling titilating but how does it relate to health
By Durwin Banks

Parasites and Your Health
Parasites - a virtuoso of disease. We are suffering from chronic illness, obesity and preventable diseases more now than in any other time in history. We are already well into a health crisis with an opponent we cannot even see. We aren’t more aware of this because we need scientific proof and this isn’t easy to come by. Some 85% of parasites we can’t even see.
By Graeme Dinnen

A Mind to Ride - In Search of Magic
I started riding horses eighteen years ago at about the same time that I started training to be a hypnotherapist. I thought that it would be a good thing to have a hobby that got me exercising outside since I rather planned to spend my working life sitting still inside. I expected that the learning processes would run parallel; I didn’t expect that I would end up specialising in using my training in hypnotherapy, counselling and personal development to help riders deal with the challenges of riding – but that’s exactly what has happened! A Mind to Ride is the result. A Mind to Ride combines the ‘Equinimity’ self-hypnosis audio CD with the interactive LifeMapper CD-ROM and is suitable for anyone who understands ‘horsey talk’ as well as riders of all standards and disciplines. You can work independently at flexible times so that you can still meet all your other commitments and a full support programme (face-to-face/telephone/email) is available if you need any extra help. Sue McIntyre Dip.Adv.Hyp. Dip.Pers.Dev. Cert.Couns
By Sue McIntyre

The Wave brings us Happiness
The Wave is my term for the awakened internal healer. Composed of all of the rhythms of the body, the Wave brings the body into a harmony that helps the body head toward health instead of disease. Learn about how this form of energy healing empowers you.
By Jaentra Green Gardener

Crystals For Moon Sign in Taurus
Your moon sign in Taurus you have characteristics of being loyal, dependable and faithful, you excel in a established partnership. You tend to carry through on whatever you set out to do and you do this with strength and endurance.
By Darlene Siddons

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