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Articles about Organic Food

What does "organic" food mean?
...product cannot lawfully be labeled "organic", unless the farm has been inspected by an agency authorized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the product meets precise standards. The USDA now owns the word "organic"...
By Alex Tatevian, DA

How to Look and Feel 10 Years Younger
The first thing to realize is that we have been programmed on societies unhealthy fast food mentality, and how I know this is that when I decided to eat healthy and eat only fresh organic foods that I spent many hours in the kitchen compared to what I did before.
By Darlene Siddons

Every day we jump in the shower, clean our teeth or wash our hair, yet no amount of external cleansing will help clear the toxic overload which our bodies and minds are suffering from.
By Sarah Merson/Lynnette Prigmore

What Do I Do This Winter If I Can’t Get a Flu Shot?
Originally published in New Life Health and Wellness, January 2005 If you are in good health with a healthy diet, and take minimal precautions, you are not likely to catch the flu. And if you do get it, you can certainly decrease the severity and length of symptoms by following these tips.
By Susan Mosley

Dangerous Beauty
People are literally dying every day when getting nipped, tucked, and lifted; others are becoming sick from their cosmetic supplies, while increasing their risk of cancer and other diseases with their daily beauty routine. Read more to find out how you could be dying to be beautiful.
By Susan Mosley

Making a difference with Marine Phytoplankton
Utah-Based company making a difference with Marine Phytoplankton
By Carl Munson

Essential Oils indicated for chronic sinus infections in Down syndrome
Therapuetic grade essential oils are nature's medicine for optimal health.
By Maria G. Turchi

Dehydrators - a personal view point
A dehydrator is an oven shaped piece of equipment used by many, but not all, of the raw food community. In very simple terms it allows you to ‘uncook’ food at temperatures under 118 degrees F over a long period of time. Once food is heated above this temperature many experts believe the precious enzymes (lifeblood) of living foods are destroyed.
By Joanne Oliver

Improve Your Eating Habits
Rates of obesity and ill-health due to poor diets are rising, both in the UK and in the US. I don’t agree with diets. After all, now many of them really work? No, I mean really work. Diets are a restricted eating regime that is not about real life. The only way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more. If you want a diet for life then you need to adjust your eating habits.
By Clare Evans

What Every Parent and Pet Owner Should Know and Every Household Should Possess
Colloidal Silver has recently appeared in our chemists and supermarkets in certain brands of sticking plasters. But, just what is Colloidal Silver and what benefits are there for our health and well being?
By Anne Willis MLDuk(CDT)

Extracellular Matrix
Learn how your Extracellular Highway works and stay clean
By Cynthia L Huddle

The Eight Principles of Holistic Health
We all want to live a long and healthy life, but are we going the right way about it? Complementary therapist Carl Munson thinks not. After years of searching Carl has come up with the CHAMPION plan – a guide to boosting vitality, building health and reducing the risk of disease.
By Carl Munson

Feel good factor for 2006
On New Year's Eve, the obvious and predictable health message - alternative or otherwise - would be a warning on the perils of over-consumption, or at least how to cope with the aftermath if you do have one (or many more) too many.
By Carl Munson

Laura's Story
I just finished my story and how I ended up doing what I do. I made a major effort to make it entertaining and informative, so here goes.....
By Laura Legere

The Six Pathological Evils - Dampness
This article introduces Dampness, one of the six pathogenic factors which Chinese medicine believes causes disease. Chinese medicine explains there are six main factors which can cause disease by attacking the body individually or in combination. They are Wind, Cold, Fire, Heat, Dryness and Dampness. Here I shall introduce the basic understanding of dampness, look at how dampness attacks the body and what are the clinical manifestations.
By Alex Owen - BSc (Hons) TCM, Bachelor of Medicine (Beijing), MATCM

Wholefood Diet Guidelines
I give out a copy of these wholefood guidelines to all my nutritional medicine and iridology clients. This is 'non-faddy' good basic information for everyone, vegetarians meat or fish eaters. There is no one 'diet' that fits all. We all have different nutritional requirements.
By Dr. Elizabeth Ann Diamond D.Ms M.MSc B.Msc BSc(Hons)Psych Adv.D.N.Med D.Iridol.

CNM - New Course in Naturopathic Nutrition
A NEW REPORT shows that heath consumers in the UK are becoming increasingly disenchanted with Western Medicine and are turning to natural treatments.
By Lynnette Prigmore

the alkaline advantage
I little write up on the importance of alkalising foods in your diet!
By Mark Snare

Foods For Optimum Health
One of the important things we need to do to ensure a good balance in our lives, is to be aware of what we eat so that we can have optimum health.
By Clare Evans

The perfect BLT
Improving our diets is made a lot easier by thinking of our favorite foods in new ways. Here's a sandwich to remember.
By Carol Venable - Holy Names Mission/Healing Flow

Go Organic, But Beware
Holistic Local author and nutritional therapist Samantha Flower explains why although ‘organic’ is best, it’s not the ‘whole’ story…
By Samantha Flower

How is Home Education Sustainable?
Home education is where parents elect to take total responsibility for educating their own children rather than delegating a sizeable proportion of it to a school. It is a legal and equally viable alternative to conventional schooling in the UK and indeed in many other countries around the world. But what on earth has it got to do with sustainable living?
By Sally Lever

Genetically Modified Foods and Our Health
With the introduction of the first genetically modified tomato to the commercial market in 1994, there has been great debate over the use of GM foods in our community.
By Debbie Cotton Ad.Dip.Nat - CNM Lecturer

Forget The Cures, Find The Cause
a small excerpt from the new book.
By Rayna M. Gangi

Diet Detective tracks down natural MS treatment
When his world was hit by the devastating effects of MS (Multiple Sclerosis), a fit and athletic 23 year-old Damian Houston was left wondering “Why me?” Now, after nearly twenty years facing the debilitating effects of the degenerative disease, Damian believes he has found a way to repair and regenerate his body, using a natural but powerful supplementation programme.
By Carl Munson

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