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Marketing Shorts 5: Aligning your Product
45 seconds on making certain your product does you justice
By Andrew Ferguson

Marketing Shorts 6: Intuition is your secret weapon
45 seconds on Intuition for Business success
By Andrew Ferguson

Successfully Marketing Massage
In order to create a thriving massage therapy business, you need to utilize a multitude of lead generation strategies. Successful marketing involves presenting who you are in such a manner that people can make an informed choice about utilizing your services. One of the keys to success lies in developing and implementing a multitude of client generating strategies.
By Ariana Vincent, RMT, MTI

The Difference Between Networking and Marketing
Networking and marketing may be similar but they are definitely not one in the same. Find out why networking is more rewarding.
By Yvonne Perry

Marketing Shorts 1: Marketing needn't cost a fortune
Marketing needn't cost a fortune. In fact it needn't cost anything at all.
By Andrew Ferguson

Marketing Shorts 2: Forget Advertising
45 seconds on marketing as opposed to advertising.
By Andrew Ferguson

Marketing Shorts 3: Even your fans will forget you
Even your fans will forget you if you dont stay in touch. 45 seconds on great communication.
By Andrew Ferguson

Marketing Shorts 4: People buy from people they like
45 seconds on the personal dimension that makes a business really work.
By Andrew Ferguson

So you are a complementary therapist - but have you got the right attitude to marketing?
Do you have a 'grudge approach' to marketing? Marketing is essential for the success of any business, even in complementary therapy. How can you change your attitude so that you feel good about marketing, and make it really work for you? This article shows you how.
By Kim Richardson

Seven Secrets of Magnetic Marketing
If you are a small business owner and find marketing your business scary, stressful or just plain difficult, then read on! Susi White is a marketing coach and copywriter who specialises in helping small business owners in the well being and personal development sector to market and build their businesses with confidence and ease. Here she shares her top seven tips on how to make your marketing magically magnetic, so you attract exactly the clients you want with ease and joy!
By Susi White

Marketing Your Business with Seminars and Workshops
Increase your credibility and visibility in your community by offering seminars and workshops.
By Patricia J. Crane, Ph.D.

Does Network Marketing Really Work
Is network marketing a viable business method?
By Linda Wilson

Marketing & Commitment in 140 characters
Shortest Articles in the World - they'll get you thinking and galvanise you into really useful action
By Andrew Ferguson

Internet Marketing for Holistic Practitioners: Killer Article Writing Ideas
Most Holistic Practitioners are now using the internet, in some way or another, to entice potential clients, build up massive mailing lists, and position themselves as experts in their niches. There are, however, countless ways to take advantage of internet marketing tactics, so many in fact, that even the most techno-savvy can become overwhelmed! One of the easiest and most straight forward ways to get started is to write and distribute articles. A well-written article not only drives traffic to your website but can also help you establish yourself as an authority within your holistic specialty. Of course every good article starts the same way - with a killer topic! Arm yourself with the following article topic ideas and you'll never find yourself "stuck" again!
By Monika Benoit

Recession-Proof Your Business
How to quickly change your marketing focus for a sluggish economy, using Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.
By Barbara Casey

The Changing Image of a Therapist's Practice
... My original marketing plan was to network with other therapists, share marketing costs, use referral opportunities, and generally support each other. The Network I started would promote one or two main therapies for each individual practitioner, so that we are not all competing for the same clients.
By Sue Pash

How to Market New Book Reviews, Create Vision Board
Vision boards are not just used for personal manifestation purposes: they are excellent marketing tools also. People love to watch entertaining and uplifting videos, so what a better way than to promote a new book with a video that will introduce the book and encourage someone to buy it.
By Darlene Siddons

Why Loved ones may NOT be your best customers
Are you new to network marketing? Your 'warm' list may not always beyour best list.
By Linda Wilson

Your Business Strategy 2010
Strategies for 2010 are no different from strategies for any other year. It's just that the financial meltdown reminds us of the need for superb relationship marketing and service (a forgotten art), excellent delivery and intelligent spending.
By Andrew Ferguson MA Oxon Chartered Marketer FCIM FIBC

Financial Security For Therapists
The trouble with therapy fees is that you have to be there to earn them!
By Carl Munson

Healthy Breakfasts
Its time to banish the coffee and donuts!
By Susan Mosley

Making a difference with Marine Phytoplankton
Utah-Based company making a difference with Marine Phytoplankton
By Carl Munson

Bioflow Dog Collar helps Collie in Pain
When my dog had his accident I put a Bioflow collar on him and the difference was amazing. The vet told me he would never walk again and would always be in pain, yet in only two weeks he was back on his feet and in no time at all running around, eager to go on our walks.
By Alison Rees

The Industry of Bliss
If the most powerful survival needs of consumers are "psychospiritual," how should body-mind-spirit professionals sell bliss in the marketplace?
By Barbara Casey

The Power of Small Business Branding Through Private Labeling
How can private label products enhance your business? Learn how to create brand loyalty and increase customer satisfaction. Private label brands are an increasing percentage of the marketplace. Don't let your business miss the opportunity!
By Jake Mayer

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