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Articles about Love

You are Love
Even if you’re not aware of the fact, you are Love. Examine your aspirations, dreams, feelings, and beliefs to see if they align with who you really are. Own your beliefs and trust your own instinct to lead you on your spiritual path.
By Gordon Randall

I FEEL THE PRESENCE OF LOVE ALL AROUND ME. Yes, this is possible . . ..
By Katherine Snow-Davis

The Food of Love: What's in Your Dog's or Cat's Food?
What's in Your Dog's or Cat's Food? The reality and bottom line are that not all pet foods are created even remotely equal. Does your pet scratch incessantly, chew or lick their paws? Is their coat dull? Have they created hot spots from licking? Are they irritable or overactive? The answer could be in their food.
By Rose De Dan

A matter of love and death
Where would a health writer be without an occasional acknowledgement of that great and ultimate taboo - death?
By Carl Munson

Meet your Ideal Mate, Enjoy Love Intimacy & Sexuality
Still looking for your ideal partner? Unsettled in your relationship? No More Lonely Nights - Meet Your Inner Mate Perhaps you’re single and still seeking that elusive “soulmate”, or maybe you’re disenchanted with your current relationship. Maybe you’ve given up on relationships altogether. Imagine having a mate who could be there for you 24/7. A mate who can support you in creating wonderful loving relationships with the opposite sex. Your ideal mate is closer than you think.
By Kimberley Lovell

Enjoy love, intimacy & sexuality - meet your Inner Mate...
Perhaps you're single and still seeking that elusive 'soul mate'. Maybe you're disenchanted with your current relationship. Maybe you've given up on relationships altogether. Imagine having a mate who could be there for you 24/7; a mate who can support you in creating wonderful loving relationships. Well you may be surprised to discover that your Inner Mate is waiting for you right now - just moments away.
By Carl Munson

Don't Do Resolutions - Do What You Love!
This year I propose something different to the usual round of new year's resolutions – rather than stopping the things we feel we ‘shouldn’t do’, let’s do more of the things we love to do.
By Susi White

Love that strawberry (The Secret they don’t tell you in “The Secret")
I got The Secret last year and shared it with my friends. Though excited at the time - we loved it and got very fired up - some months later, I see no real change in my buddies - if anything their old cars are older; they are still in the same houses they'd rather not be in given an option and they still need me to buy them a pint from time to time. You get the idea.
By Carl Munson

Moulding the Life You Love
This article is about making life better, one little moment after another.
By Neil Millar

On unconditional love and in praise of marriage
Just recently, against the background of declining numbers wishing to marry and parliament having a kick-about on the subject, I had one such remarkable conversation with Life coach, oxygenation expert and musician, Ruth Gilmore, who firmly believes in the power of marriage and she told me why. Ruth has had an extraordinary life - certainly by my measure - with more tragedy and trauma than most of us have to bear.
By Carl Munson

The Life You Love
There has been lots of talk about manifestation recently and lots of books written too. This article explore the subject.
By Neil Millar

Attracted to The Law of Attraction? Get better results in Love & Life with Benjamin ‘Law of Attraction for Muggles’ Stubbs...
Thanks to best-selling DVD - The Secret, and the interest of A-list celebrities like Oprah and Will Smith, The Law of Attraction is now used by millions around the world, albeit with varying degrees of success. Thankfully, help is now at hand from Benjamin ‘Law of Attraction for Muggles’ Stubbs, who not only came to terms with his sexuality using this immutable law, but now helps others live happier, more fulfilled lives via his website, workshops and radio show.
By Carl Munson

How Can I Love You More?
Do you ever think that there are things in your past that hold you back? This article explores this and how to move beyond it.
By CommunitySoul - Neil Fellowes

The Power of Love
Last week, as a warm October sea breeze blew in from the west, I had a moment when my heart opened.
By Neil Fellowes - CommunitySoul

Afraid to Love
This is an article written for those who are afraid to make lasting attachments just in case they lose them again. Generally caused because of an earlier experience that was unhealed and discounted either by some significant other and then again by oneself
By June Brereton

The Formula of Love
The nature of Love, as John Nash discovered, is deceptively simple ... and elusive.
By Philip Bradbury

Fill Your Love Tanks
We can all get depleted from time to time. Why? How can we prevent it? How can we keep ourselves topped up? Read on for some suggestions......
By Kimberley Jones

What is your INNER CHILD ? Psychologists and Therapists know the importance of doing inner child work on yourself. Find out what is your inner child here

Are You Confusing Love with Control?
We all want love in our loves but some of us find it to be hard work. Why is that?
By Shelley Murphy

LOVE vs FEAR: Two Sides of the Same Coin
LOVE = EXPANSION FEAR = CONTRACTION When fear, hatred, desire for revenge, intolerance and anger are present – Love is missing. Fear and Love are opposites. Fear is contraction of the heart, and love the expansion. With fear, possibilities are fewer and life can feel very narrow and restrictive. LOVE Love holds hands with Courage to overcome Fear. Love is at the core of our being. We don’t have to find it – it is and always has been within us, tucked in the inner recesses of our Being. Sometimes the journey to “re-discover” it can seem a long one and yet there are moments when we glimpse it totally and may not even recognise it. For example:
By Reverend Akasha Lonsdale, Interfaith Minister

Choose a job you love
"Choose a job you love and then you will never have to work a day in your life" My name is Geraldine Winter, owner of LifeChangers in Hampshire, UK. I am qualified in many therapies through The School of Natural Health Sciences (SNHS Ltd) –
By Geraldine Winter

Transformational Counseling - Part One
Transformational Counseling is a process of assisting others to transform their lives. Transformational Counseling is a process of assisting others in their reinventing themselves, of creating a life that they love and living it powerfully. Transformational Counseling is a process of creating a space for others to get present to or become aware of their self limiting belief, to create or invent a possibility for themselves and their life that could not have existed before and to learn how to be in their possibilities as opposed to being that which has always stopped them in the past.
By Dr Harry Henshaw

Time Management for Downshifters
Have you downshifted and yet still spend your days racing against the clock? One of the bug bears of many of my clients is this: they manage to leave the rat race, to reduce their working hours, to balance their working lives with their personal lives, to find work doing something they truly love BUT they still feel stressed and pressurised because of their attitude to time. Why is this? How do we downshift our approach to managing our time and still get things done?
By Sally Lever

The Joys and Pitfalls of Being an Empath
Can you feel what others around you are feeling? Are you sensitive to your surroundings? When you lay your hands on someone, do your hands know right where to go to help that person? Perhaps you are an empath. Being an empath is a double edged sword. It can be both a curse and a blessing. On one hand, you have the ability to intuit exactly what you need to do to make someone comfortable. On the other, it is easy to lose track of what you need, because you are so accustomed to caring for other's comfort before caring for your own. You have easy access to information about what is going on with the people around you, but sometimes it is hard to know your own mind. Some people would love to learn how to be more empathic, while others would love to learn how retain the best parts of that skill, while managing the more difficult aspects. this article will help you with both things.
By Sylvia Brallier

Do You Know How To... Self-Nurture?
Fulfilling your emotional dependency needs is a Self-parenting educational process designed to teach you how to; be emotionally intimate with yourself and others; unconditionally love and accept yourself and others, Self-nurture yourself and others, and how to maturely protect your boundaries so that you will feel safe and secure in the world.
By Hu Dalconzo

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