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Articles about Intuition

Marketing Shorts 6: Intuition is your secret weapon
45 seconds on Intuition for Business success
By Andrew Ferguson

Delivering Intuition vs Logic in Psychic Readings
As a professional psychic medium I have been accused at times in my career of providing people with logic rather than psychic answers when they have a psychic reading. This article explores how people perceive the information they are given in psychic readings, the difference between psychic and logical information and what exactly comprises a psychic answer.
By Psychic Julianna

Every Day Intuition
It's a New Year! 2006 is upon us. What do you wish to create? One of the most important things we can create for ourselves is a strong relationship with our intuition ~ our voice of Spirit. How does your intuition speak to and through you? There is only one right way... YOUR WAY!
By Marilu Wilson Peña, Ph.D.

Intuition and Sustainability
Intuition can greatly enhance our ability to think for ourselves and to make decisions. In fact, some would say that merely relying on our conscious minds for this actually reduces our capabilities.By using our intuition, we open the way to a more abundant, inwardly rich and sustainable way of living by using our heart’s desires in decision making. This article explains how.
By Sally Lever

The Power of Intuition
Tara Crawford roth is a Business and Personal Coach with a passion to help holistic practitioners or any business person on a spiritual quest. Tara is also the founder of the New England Holistic Chamber of Commerce, an organization for educational and netwroking opportunities to advance the business of all holistic practitioners. For more infomration call Tara at 401-427-2233 or visit the website at
By Tara Crawford Roth

Trusting Your Own Intuition
We are not merely five-sensory beings, but, rather, multi-sensory beings -- including having the ability to apply ESP (extra-sensory perception) in our daily lives. Being intuitive is completely natural and a part of our divine heritage. The following article helps us learn how to understand and use our own intuition and trust it in all areas of our lives. Read more...
By Rev. Juliet Nightingale

How to develop Your Intuition in Business
Is is often said in business that the people with the best "soft skills" are the most sought after. "Soft skills" includes things like communication and creative problem solving abilities. Increasing it is also meaning Intuition or Gut Feeling, which is a deep knowing that something is right or wrong, without any apparent rational explanation for it. Many successful business put their "Gut Feeling" right at the top of the list for making decisions. Here are some tips on how you can do that too.
By Amanda Goldston

Intuition and Energy
Intuitive Counselling is a powerful and successful therapy to help you overcome any issue's in your life holding you back from living life to the full! Your new happier and empowered life starts now!
By Hayley Alex

Feng Shui Isn't Something You Do… It's Something You Already HAVE!
Centuries ago, when the ancient Chinese Feng Shui Masters hid the fact that they were doing complex calculations when analyzing a building inherent energy patterns, many thought that it was intuition or a belief system. Actually, Classical Feng Shui is an environmental science that analyzes your home/office’s environmental influences and its repeatable energy combinations which have predictable consequences. From the moment your four walls and roof were completed, a unique combination of both supportive and sabotaging energy patterns were created in your home and office. Therefore, Feng Shui isn’t something you do… it’s something you already have. Wouldn’t you like to know how to manage the existing Feng Shui influences in and around your home and office?
By P.K. Odle, publisher of The Feng Shui Advantage MONTHLY!

Grounding is Good Medicine
The Intuition Medicine® practice of grounding is a connection with the earth that provides health benefits. Grounding is a free, natural inducer of emotional and physical health. Grounding helps you settle into yourself and create a calm mood when you are overwhelmed by people, activity, or your surroundings. Before you enter a potentially stressful situation, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and visualize your body as a redwood tree rooting you into the earth. Continue to imagine the roots
By Francesca McCartney, PhD

How Tarot could help with your life
Tarot Cards can be a very controversial subject and people often have deeply held fears and beliefs about them. They are, in fact, a deck of 78 picture cards. They are a fantastic tool for helping us to tap into our inner power, our creativity and our intuition. They were originally designed for instruction and used in that way, they can offer huge insights into ourselves and our lives. As they say "Knowledge is Power" and in my view, it is only Power when it "Em-Powers" ourselves or others.
By Amanda Goldston

Crystals for Moon Sign in Gemini - Wellness Coach
May 21 - June 20 Moon Crystal: Apophyllite Intuition Crystal: Aqua Aura If we were lucky enough to be born with the moon sign Gemini, you are an excellent communicator and tend to be very flexible in your daily activities. You intuitively know the right contacts and you love networking and are very good at it.
By Darlene Siddons

Sight & Vision
Every time we see a picture, our mind gets some kind of feeling or message, some flash of intuition. Think about the last time you walked through an art museum or gallery. The pictures you liked, you stopped and looked at for a while. Those pictures communicated something to you. The pictures you didn't like also triggered some kind of thought, memory or feeling in you.
By Dan Liss

I've quit my job to save the planet
Could there be a worse time to resign from a well-paid job in order to follow my heart, conscience and intuition, and trust that everything will work out? Probably not. Have we, the human race, got time to waste - in the face of environmental, economic and social catastrophe? I think not.
By Carl

In Defence of the Ego
This article explores the benefits of an ego that is guided by our intuition rather than our physical and emotional desires. The Freudian concept of the Ego and common spiritual interpretation of the ego are briefly addressed. The author discusses our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies and how the first two can lead to a harmful ego independently, but if guided by our spiritual bodies, help us to grow and develop personally and spiritually, without leaving our ego behind.
By Dawn Mellowship

Ten Ways to Change Your Life
How to live your life to the full and be happy.
By Dawn Mellowship

Create The Life You Want
What to be more fulfilled in life? What to take control back?
By Tracy Webb

A Mind to Ride - In Search of Magic
I started riding horses eighteen years ago at about the same time that I started training to be a hypnotherapist. I thought that it would be a good thing to have a hobby that got me exercising outside since I rather planned to spend my working life sitting still inside. I expected that the learning processes would run parallel; I didn’t expect that I would end up specialising in using my training in hypnotherapy, counselling and personal development to help riders deal with the challenges of riding – but that’s exactly what has happened! A Mind to Ride is the result. A Mind to Ride combines the ‘Equinimity’ self-hypnosis audio CD with the interactive LifeMapper CD-ROM and is suitable for anyone who understands ‘horsey talk’ as well as riders of all standards and disciplines. You can work independently at flexible times so that you can still meet all your other commitments and a full support programme (face-to-face/telephone/email) is available if you need any extra help. Sue McIntyre Dip.Adv.Hyp. Dip.Pers.Dev. Cert.Couns
By Sue McIntyre

Crystals for Sun Sign in Libra
You are attracted to harmonious colors and they are also very important to you; this is the reason Sapphire resonates with you so well. Sapphire is known as the peace stone and it helps you align with the mental, spiritual and physical areas of your life and keeps you in balance which is very important to you.
By Darlene Siddons

The Wave brings us Happiness
The Wave is my term for the awakened internal healer. Composed of all of the rhythms of the body, the Wave brings the body into a harmony that helps the body head toward health instead of disease. Learn about how this form of energy healing empowers you.
By Jaentra Green Gardener

Crystals For Moon Sign in Taurus
Your moon sign in Taurus you have characteristics of being loyal, dependable and faithful, you excel in a established partnership. You tend to carry through on whatever you set out to do and you do this with strength and endurance.
By Darlene Siddons

All things Holistic
A holistic health blog that touches the mind, body and spirit globalyl and from a Native American perspective
By Rayna Gangi

The 22-Strand DNA Activation Questions and Answers
The original divine blueprint for humans consists of 24-strand DNA. Most of the general population have only two strands of their DNA activated, and thus are using 5-10% of their brain capacity and DNA.
By Verla Wade, Laura Legere, David Fuchs, Theresa Bullard

Past life healing
Past life healing through Reiki and intuitive chakra clearing.
By Patricia Chalkley

How to Get the Most out of Your Psychic Reading
Sarah is a talented Psychic Medium & Energy Healer. Her psychic readings are focussed on helping her clients to find health & happiness in their lives by understanding themselves better & making make quality choices. Sarah connects with Angels, spirit guides & loved ones passed over in her work and is extremely passionate about what she does.
By Sarah

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