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Articles about Downshifting

How Downshifting Heals
Downshifting in a nut shell is about choosing to trade some of our income for simplicity and time. When we engage with those things, simplicity and time, in a wholesome, life-serving way, they have the potential to heal us in body, mind and spirit and also to maintain us in that healthy state. This article explains how.
By Sally Lever

Downshifting: 3 Steps to get you started right now
Downshifting is a different experience for each and every one of us. So what is it that successful downshifters have in common? And how does someone who is still in the rat race get started.?
By Sally Lever

How Downshifting Benefits Your Health and Wellbeing
About 17 years ago, I consulted a Complementary Therapist for the first time. I had decided to take a different route and try out what was for me an unknown and unexplored alternative to the conventional medicine I had always relied on in the past. Why? Because I was pregnant for the first time, suffering chronic morning sickness (of the “all day” variety) and unwilling to risk harming my baby by taking conventional drugs. This experience was to be a revelation for me and my introduction to a totally new way of viewing my own health and wellbeing, as well as that of my child.
By Sally Lever

How Will I Cope?: The Financial Side of Downshifting.
How much money do I need in order to downshift? Can anyone downshift? What if I'm in debt? How does anyone manage to live on less? Your questions answered.
By Sally Lever

Destress Your Thinking - Part One
There is no doubt that pain and suffering in our lives is something that we all experience from time to time and that it causes us stress. That same pain and suffering can also be the stimulus that triggers a response in us leading to a more peaceful existence. That response might well be physical – deciding to opt for an easier commute to work or to work from home. According to many of my coaching clients, the response also needs to be a mental shift, some way of de-stressing our thinking, if we are to achieve lasting tranquillity (or at least large periods of it!) in our lives. Think of it as a form of mental downshifting.
By Sally Lever

How to Stop and Do Nothing (and Why it's Important for Our Health and Wellbeing)
One of the prerequisites for downshifting and leading a more sustainable life is for us to slow down. According to Jonathan Porritt, “Speed is the enemy of sustainable living”. When we opt for speed, then we tend to prioritise convenience over and above sustainability and this inevitably results in our consuming more and caring less about our personal wellbeing and that of the planet. What I’m going to suggest in this article is that we also need to stop altogether from time to time. Even if you have not yet decided to step off the treadmill, both slowing down and doing nothing are habits we can cultivate right away and from which we can very quickly start to derive benefit.
By Sally Lever

From Earning a Living to Living Your Dream
Do you find yourself trapped in a job you don’t enjoy but which you continue with in order to pay the bills? My experience from coaching individual clients and from running teleclasses on downshifting is that this is a very sticky issue with many people.
By Sally Lever

Motivation for Downshifters in 4 easy stages
Are you committed to downshifting or de-stressing your life but can’t find the motivation you need to take the first step? Are there some external factors in your life, such as hefty mortgage repayments or an unsupportive partner that you feel are preventing you from realising your dream? Some conventional methods for moving ourselves forward in situations such as these often fall short on staying power and realism, so I’ve come up with an alternative approach.
By Sally Lever

Time Management for Downshifters
Have you downshifted and yet still spend your days racing against the clock? One of the bug bears of many of my clients is this: they manage to leave the rat race, to reduce their working hours, to balance their working lives with their personal lives, to find work doing something they truly love BUT they still feel stressed and pressurised because of their attitude to time. Why is this? How do we downshift our approach to managing our time and still get things done?
By Sally Lever

Intuition and Sustainability
Intuition can greatly enhance our ability to think for ourselves and to make decisions. In fact, some would say that merely relying on our conscious minds for this actually reduces our capabilities.By using our intuition, we open the way to a more abundant, inwardly rich and sustainable way of living by using our heart’s desires in decision making. This article explains how.
By Sally Lever

Making Changes
There are times when we would dearly love to make changes in our lives, but find it difficult to do that from here, from the situation that we are presented with at that moment. Then we find ourselves thinking “If only things were different, then I would willingly downshift/ take the children out of school/ change my job/ move house/ find a life partner.” But things aren’t different and the first thing we need to do before we can make any changes is accept where we are now. Whatever our situation is, that is where we’re starting from and that’s what we’re working with.
By Sally Lever

Food: Sustenance or Sacrifice? (Part Two)
Are you feeding yourself in a way that is sustainable for the sake of your personal health and wellbeing or are you sacrificing a nutritious diet, and thus your health, in order to survive in the Rat Race?
By Sally Lever

Sustainable Planning: Keys to a simpler future.
It can be said that there are only two certainties in our lives – that we will die and that there will be change. The beginning of a new year is traditionally a time for planning but sometimes planning at any time can seem futile when life can be so unpredictable. How do we come up with a plan for our business or our personal life that is sustainable? How do we ensure that our plans are flexible enough to be worth spending any time on?
By Sally Lever

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