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Top Ten Tips on creating your own personal business plan
By David Major

Recession-Proof Your Business
How to quickly change your marketing focus for a sluggish economy, using Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.
By Barbara Casey

The Power of Small Business Branding Through Private Labeling
How can private label products enhance your business? Learn how to create brand loyalty and increase customer satisfaction. Private label brands are an increasing percentage of the marketplace. Don't let your business miss the opportunity!
By Jake Mayer

How Is Your Business?
If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can't, you're right. - Mary Kay Ash
By Sepia Baker

7 Ways To Boost Your Business, Simply By Asking
The gift called asking has been around for a long, long time. In fact, one of life's fundamental truths states, ask and you shall receive.
By Jack Canfield

How To Get Your Complementary Therapy Business Off To A Flying Start
All too often newly qualified complementary therapists discover that passing their therapy exams was the easiest part of their new career. Learn about the two common traps most fall into - and how YOU can avoid them.
By Joy Healey

10 Things to Consider When Setting Up a Business
Do you have a business idea but not sure where to start? Here are 10 things you should consider to help get you started.
By Joanna Puczkowski

The Emerging New Business Paradigm
Business is shaping the world we live in for good or for ill. The good news is that there is a growing recognition of a new business paradigm. There is a growing number of holistic businesses in the UK. The holistic business sector is mostly aligned with this new paradigm. Still, if you have a holistic business then you might want to read this article just to make sure.
By Steve Nobel

Business Can Be Inspiring
Do you know that business can be inspiring, profitable, and also have a social awarenesss. If you have a holistic business you may want to find out more?
By Steve Nobel

The Sustainable Small Business
If you’ve made the decision to live more sustainably and have left the Rat Race in order to set up in self-employment, it makes sense to incorporate sustainability into the new business plan. That way your business is run in alignment with your interests and values and working in it ultimately leads to a higher level of enjoyment, fulfilment and meaning.
By Sally Lever

How to develop Your Intuition in Business
Is is often said in business that the people with the best "soft skills" are the most sought after. "Soft skills" includes things like communication and creative problem solving abilities. Increasing it is also meaning Intuition or Gut Feeling, which is a deep knowing that something is right or wrong, without any apparent rational explanation for it. Many successful business put their "Gut Feeling" right at the top of the list for making decisions. Here are some tips on how you can do that too.
By Amanda Goldston

Discover The Cause Of Why Massage Therapists Do Not Get Their Businesses Off The Ground In The First Three Years. And How You Can Avoid This And Have A Thriving Massage Business.
Do you find it “hard” to get new clients coming to you as everyone promises you its so easy to do? Let me tell you something about getting clients and the ease of which that’s done...
By Amy Roberts

The Secret Truth About Advertising Your Massage Business in the Newspaper
In my time as a massage therapist and massage business coach, I’ve written a ton of newspaper ads. Now this may seem strange considering that last week it looked as though I was telling you that newspaper advertising was ineffective. What I was actually saying was that if you advertised to a source that didn’t have your target market would be rather pointless. I was also saying ...
By Amy Roberts

Advertising your Business Effectively
One of the hardest parts of setting up can be attracting and retaining clients. This simple article offers ideas to help you on your way to building up a successful practice.
By Darren Jarmin Towergate Professional Risks

Things to be Aware of when Starting up in Business
Ok, so you’ve completed your training and are about to set up in business as a therapist – But where do you start? This article will help to give you a quick summary of the basic things you should consider when starting up in business.
By Darren Jarmin Towergate Professional Risks

Small Business - Engine of Social Change
Every new initiative starts with a small business. Find out about the noble tradition you're maintaining.
By Andrew Ferguson

How Shift Can Happen: Some Thoughts on Conscious Business.
The whole idea of running a business in a conscious way, by that I mean ethically, holistically and sustainably, can seem to many people like a complete contradiction in terms. How can we make a success of doing work that we love in a world of climate change, dwindling oil supplies and economic crisis?
By Sally Lever

Marketing Your Business with Seminars and Workshops
Increase your credibility and visibility in your community by offering seminars and workshops.
By Patricia J. Crane, Ph.D.

Starting Your Own Business
The Ups and Downs along the way
By Linda Wilson

Your Business Strategy 2010
Strategies for 2010 are no different from strategies for any other year. It's just that the financial meltdown reminds us of the need for superb relationship marketing and service (a forgotten art), excellent delivery and intelligent spending.
By Andrew Ferguson MA Oxon Chartered Marketer FCIM FIBC

How Your Angels Will Help You Grow Your Business Success
Your angels will help you in all areas of your life, but I find that my guides particularly help me with my business!
By Melissa Kitto

What is Conscious Business?
Conscious Business is a term that is beginning to gain some prominence, and the generally accepted premise behind it is one of ensuring that business is conducted in a manner that is conscious, that is to say there is awareness of the impact a business has on its customers, partners, employees, and the environment.
By Stephanie Lofgren

Marketing Shorts 6: Intuition is your secret weapon
45 seconds on Intuition for Business success
By Andrew Ferguson

Successfully Marketing Massage
In order to create a thriving massage therapy business, you need to utilize a multitude of lead generation strategies. Successful marketing involves presenting who you are in such a manner that people can make an informed choice about utilizing your services. One of the keys to success lies in developing and implementing a multitude of client generating strategies.
By Ariana Vincent, RMT, MTI

This article touches on the do's and don'ts in finding an ideal location for a home or business. A brief history of Form Feng Shui and how to apply it, as well as how to find a location and proper direction that will be beneficial for its inhabitants.
By Dolores Kozielski

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