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Articles about Aromatherapy

Make Your Own Aromatherapy Perfume Oil
Making your own perfume oils is a fun and natural way to a happy, fragrant life!
By Helena Lundvik

Using Aromatherapy for the Effective Treatment of Premenstrual Syndrome
Nicola Armstrong is from Northern Ireland and has the following qulifications: BA (Hons), H.I.Dip (Aromatherapy), SNHS Dip. (Anatomy and Physiology).
By Nicola Armstrong

Describing Hot Stone Therapy
The profoundly penetrating heat of the hot, smooth stones and Aromatherapy oils combine to add a whole new relaxing dimension to the traditional Swedish massage. Therapeutic stone massage promotes physical and spiritual balancing by using the energies of warm volcanic stones to relax the body at its deepest level. This ancient healing modality moves energy to depleted areas, relieves sore muscles, and produces a soothing and meditative state of peace, calm and balance.
By Ariana Vincent, RMT, MTI

Combining Reiki energy with other modalities
Combining energy healing with other modalities, such as crystals and gemstones with sound therapy as well as aromatherapy, prayer or meditation can deepen your healing experience. Read a sampler about how healing can take place on all levels (physical, mental and spiritual) with Reiki, intuitive coaching and psychic mediumship.
By Hope Cramer

Hopi Ear Candles
.........Wholesalers & Retail High Quality TGA Approved Bee's Wax Aromatherapy Hopi Ear Candles/Ear Tubes. 02 6971 8868
By Alternet Detox

Natural Living Energy
Sue is a Holistic Practitioner, Healer and Teacher with her own practice in Broadstairs, Kent, England. She has spent several years training and attending workshops on alternative therapies. Following this, she trained as a Holistic practitioner with a keen interest in well-being. Sue is a Reiki Master /Teacher, a Meditation tutor and qualified member of the International College of Holistic Medicine. Her experience and qualifications of various alternative therapies such as crystal healing, colour therapy, aromatherapy, Indian head massage, oriental face massage and Herbalism gives her clients a choice of treatments to help them regain balance in the body and lead a less stressful life. She has also studied psychotherapy and counselling. Website:
By Sue Taylor

Festival Time
The Spirit of the Millennium Festival is held at Hove Town Hall, Hove, East Sussex, 2-3 times every year. It is a very popular and large psychic fair, offering all kinds of therapies, readings and stalls selling crystals, books and everything that you can imagine related to spirituality.
By Debbie Summers

As a massage therapist who specializes in this field, I believe that those who suffer from this do have some options. When I was a recently graduated massage therapist, this disorder spoke to my heart...
By Patricia A. Williams

De-stress Your Thinking - Part Two
In part one of this article, we considered the symptoms of stressful thinking and how that affects us. Using two examples of stressful thinking – “I don’t have enough time” and “I’m not motivated,” I introduced you to a simple strategy for de-stressing such limiting thoughts. In part two, we’ll look at two more examples of stressful thoughts and how to turn them around to ways of thinking that are much more helpful for a sustainable life.
By Sally Lever

My Journey
My Journey - an inspiration to someone!!
By Laura Exton

The Power of Reflexology
Using foot and hand massage as a healing tool has been around, in varying forms, for centuries. In fact there is evidence in the form of illustrations that show the Ancient Egyptians used foot and hand massage as a way of activating the healing powers of the body. It was also a long established principle that energy lines ran through the body and, when these energy lines were clear, the person was in good health and, when they were blocked, the person suffered in one way or another. While this knowledge of maintaining clear energy lines and using foot massage to bring health benefits has been in the consciousness of many cultures for many years, it wasn’t until last century that ‘Reflexology’ was born. Reflexology is a mixture of these ancient wisdoms and modern thinking, whereby the nerve endings in the feet can be massaged in a particular way to clear any blockages in the person’s energy lines.
By Yossarian Fay

Essential Oils indicated for chronic sinus infections in Down syndrome
Therapuetic grade essential oils are nature's medicine for optimal health.
By Maria G. Turchi

A Short Summary of How Colour Therapy Works
If you have every wondered what Colour Therapy is and how it works or relates to you, read on.
By Barbara Ewing

Foot Scents
A step-by-step introduction to reducing stress, increasing energy and boosting your immune system - all through your feet!
By Tacy Apostolik

Cupping therapy
An article on the benifits and history of cupping therapy, one of the worlds oldest known therapies. By Dr. John Brazier (tradtitional Chinese medicine)
By Dr John Brazier

Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Moe, with which meditation should I go?
Whenever I’ve taught meditation there'd be those that immediately ‘got it’, and those who found it a struggle. However, with continued practise and learning how to refocus, those who initially struggled eventually also 'got it'. Not only that, after time they discovered their own unique way of getting into the zone quickly and easily.
By Michaela Scherr

5 Ways to Soothe Mind, Body and Spirit
Sometimes good comes from being blinded by the light. Self improvement (or self help) tools come in many shapes and sizes; sometimes it’s physical in nature (a self help book, having a massage, painting with water colors), or spiritual in nature (flower essences, Reiki, meditation which is both physical and spiritual, etc).
By Michaela Scherr

Laura's Story
I just finished my story and how I ended up doing what I do. I made a major effort to make it entertaining and informative, so here goes.....
By Laura Legere

holistic training in bosnia
just a brief article on what "phoenix-aid" do in bosnia to help war victims, still suffering traumas and physical injuries from the 1992-5 civil war, and disabled people.
By Karen Jane Tinker

Adventures in Relieving Stress
Stressful situations and bad days are inevitable. This article provides tools and techniques to help you keep your cool!
By Tracy Togliatti

Adventures in Relieving Stress in Your Home
Its important to provide yourself and your family with a mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy environment. This article will show you how!
By Tracy Togliatti

Flower & Vibrational Remedies - what can they do for you?
Do you feel depressed or disturbed? Find out how energy healing and remedies can help you!
By Helen Thompson

Natural pain relief for migraine and headaches
Migra-Cap may offer the key to migraine relief – medication free
By Migra-Cap

Living Medicine-Pharmaceutical Free - Part I
Living Medicine-Pharmaceutical Free sounds like an oxymoron—doesn’t it? To some it is—to others it will seem redundant, because millions of people throughout the world are living Medicine/Pharmaceutical Free. How can that be?—You might ask. Everyone needs aspirin, antacids or a pain reliever occasionally. Yes, people need remedies for stomach acid or pain relievers, occasionally, however, there are a plethora of natural remedies.
By Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD

History Of Reflexology - Corrections
Your teacher is only as good as the information provided to them. Is it possible that an error is in most of the reflexology books regarding the history of reflexology? Someone read the book, taught it, repeated it, repeated it some more, until it is in all the reflexology books. Does this make it so, real, and liable information? I am a seeker of Reflexology truth. Read the copy of history from my book One Step Beyond and find out details and proof on this subject. Seek and you shall find.
By Master Helen Whysong

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