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Articles about Affirmations

Improving Self-Esteem With Affirmations And Therapeutic Relaxation Music
Positive self-esteem is very important for our general health and wellness as human beings. Having positive self-esteem is also important for promoting any type of healing, whether physical, emotional or spiritual. Poor or low self-esteem on the other hand can be quite detrimental to our well-being and even our very existence. Negative self-esteem can create anxiety, stress, loneliness, depression, problems with relationships, seriously impair academic and job performance and also can generate an increased vulnerability to drug and alcohol abuse and dependency.
By Dr Harry Henshaw

Individualized Positive Affirmations For Improving Self-Esteem
The most effective way to use positive affirmations is with the individual’s own voice. While a person can have a beneficial result from listening to a commercially developed product that employs positive affirmations recorded by another, the transformative power of this technology is enhanced or strengthened by the positive messages being delivered in the person’s own voice.
By Dr Harry Henshaw

The affirmation, alone, concept assumes that you have had a life with functional role models, and that your past was devoid of physical, sexual, or verbal abuse. It assumes that your mind is a clean slate… free of past pain, loss, and dysfunctional experiences. According to this theory you can “PILEON” positive affirmations over a dysfunctional past and still create the reality you want. As I discovered, the “PILE IT ON” theory, alone, just doesn’t work!
By Hu Dalconzo

The Power of Affirmations
Using Affirmations can be a really powerful tool to change our lives for the better. You can use them to improve relationships, confidence levels, finances, health or any other area that you would like to change. Miriam has over 10 years experience in teaching people how to use affirmations to improve all aspects of their lives and attract what it is they want to them. She has had great reults for those who really work at practicing the affirmations. All available on CD
By Miriam Drugan

The Spiritual Path of Light
This has been and will continue to be an amazing year of transformative energies. We are being asked to hold the frequencies of light to help raise our body’s vibrations to hold more light while staying healthy. With the holidays coming we tend to overexert and over stress our bodies and minds. It is important to realize that the most important things this year are our health, meditations, affirmations and awareness of the new energies.
By athene Raefiel

Think yourself out of depression
This article provides some practical information about the use of affirmations and positive self talk aimed at people suffering from depression and also their carers and family. Iyr thoughts are so important when it comes to our mental health. Depressed people have more negative self talk than others. By repeating positive affirmations daily the subconscious mind begins to take the message on board and the person will begin to feel better because they are having more positive thoughts now.
By Miriam Drugan

Heal your body ~ Use your Mind!
The power of our Minds to heal our body using visualization and positive affirmations.
By Miriam Drugan

Think yourself out of depression
For many people suffering from depression there can seem no escape from the negative thoughts that constantly circulate in their head. When we realize that it is us that actually choose to think and keep hold of these thoughts we are then in a good position to take control and decide to change our thoughts to more positive and happier thoughts. This can be done by using affirmations. They can have a dramatic and fast acting effect when used properly.
By Miriam Drugan

Solar Plexus Chakra : Inner Sunshine
Bring me Sunshine
By Zannie Rose

Allowing the Flow
Belly Dancing could be good for you
By Zannie Rose

Enhanced Healing Through Music
Music has always been a very important part of our lives, from childhood to our being an adult. As a part of our experience, music can have both a physiological and psychological affect upon us as human beings. In addition to the influence that it has on our life, music also has many therapeutic qualities and has been utilized in promoting a variety of healings throughout the ages.
By Dr Harry Henshaw

Transformational Counseling - Part Two
Once one becomes present to his or her self-limiting belief, the opportunity then exists, possibly for the first time in the person’s life, to invent a possibility for his or her life, to begin to reinvent his or her life anew. An individual’s possibility is how that person will be in the present, free of the constraints or barriers of the past, a creation from nothing. Within Transformational Counseling, an individual’s possibility is a new or different way of thinking about himself or herself, of who they are, of who they will be. Like the individual’s self-limiting belief, a person’s possibility is a personal affirmation or declaration.
By Dr Harry Henshaw

Life Coaching is good for your health
Life Coaching is no longer for the rich and famous - it is available to all those who believe they deserve success & fulfillment in their lives.
By Marlon B.Nolan

Abundance Is Your Birthright!
Do you feel stuck? Are you ready to move forward? What are you really practicing and how is it affecting you and others? Understand what "practice" really is and isn't! Discover how simple it is to dramatically alter your approach to personal and professional success. Create effective and healthy approaches to long term results.
By Sepia Baker

Hypnosis in the Hospital
This article reviews the application of hypnosis in the hospital setting.
By Paul Gustafson RN BSN CH

How to Use the Law of Attraction to Have More of What You Really Want
If you are like most people, you may feel at the mercy of life and that you have little power over how things turn out. Nothing could be further from the truth. You can learn to use attraction to have more of what you want...find out how with this article....
By Michelle L. Casto, Phd Candidate

Manifesting abundance Though be careful What You Wish For
What does it take to manifest abundance into someone’s life? For me manifesting joy takes no effort, there are so many simple things I get joy out of. As a matter of fact I lead quite an abundant simple life. I’m talking more about big material things here like manifesting money - lots of it, business success, and living a contented life where everything’s taken care of.
By Michaela Scherr

The Nearly-Law of Getting Out Of My Own Way
Don't tell anyone. Shh! This is a secret ... The Secret may not be right. The Law of Attraction may not be a law. But keep quiet about it as it's blasphemy to every New Ager and responsible person on the planet ...
By Philip Bradbury

66% Improvement With This Technique
Success comes through focus. This articles gives you a five step process.
By Neil Millar

14 Ideas to Create Prosperity
If you have a holistic business you might want to read about these 14 ideas in order to create more prosperity in your holistic business.
By Steve Nobel

Give Yourself Permission To Be Successful
It is very powerful when we simply give ourselves permission to be successful.
By Linda Miller

What Are You Attracting Today?
Often we do consciously think about what we are attracting into our lives, so I invite you to do just that... think about it and attract on purpose.
By Linda Miller

Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Vision Board
Most of us have heard of treasure mapping, it is where you make a collage of pictures or words of things you wish to do, items you want, the life you want to live, the things you want to do in your life.
By Darlene Siddons

Are you earning what you're worth?
Many of us are now following the inner pull directing us to run our own inspired businesses. We are turning away from the security of the financial pay cheque in corporate life so that we can run a business serving others doing what makes our heart sing. You may now find the joy in the non-financial rewards of work but are struggling with asking for payment for doing what you love or undervaluing your time. This article looks at these issues and offers some solutions.
By Julie Roman

The Conscious Relating Process
An article about Kimberley's Light Coaching 'Conscious Relating Process'. Simple & powerful energy tools that can transform an unhappy relationship.
By Kimberley Jones

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