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The Awful Truth About Television

Read this little e-book and you will never look at your television set in the same way again. Backed with scientific research, "The Awful Truth About Television" examines the manifold ways in which TV affects your weight, your family relationships, your acedemic achievements,your mental and emotional states, your community, and much more.

Slow Down & Green Up - The Beginners Guide to Downshifting

This great little guide – a Holistic Local collaboration with Downshifting pioneer Tracey Smith – has been given the seal of approval from Carl Honoré, author of the international bestseller 'In Praise of Slow - How a Worldwide Movement is Challenging the Cult of Speed'. - Written by Tracey Smith.

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Featured Articles

Natural Healing With Glutathione
Could The Key To Health and Longevity Be Available For The Taking? After 25 years of research the answer is Yes!
By Randy S. Grover

Electronic Gem Therapy
Electronic Gem Therapy for Cellular Healing
By Michelle Passe M.I.P.T.I.

All things Holistic
A holistic health blog that touches the mind, body and spirit globalyl and from a Native American perspective
By Rayna Gangi

Activate the Light That Is You
The master teacher, Jesus, said, “I am the light of the world” and that “You are the Light.” Light is attractive. You too have a light that attracts….an inner light. Some people shine with joy. What is the light that you are to shine?
By Michelle L. Casto, Phd Candidate

4 Simple Steps To End A Panic Attack
4 Simple Steps To End A Panic Attack by Pati McDermott. Stop a panic attack within 3 minutes. Many of my clients have enjoyed great success using this method.
By Pati McDermott, CHT.

Are You A Spiritual Sampler?
Experience has taught me two things in this regard, the first being that many seekers change spiritual methods as soon as the emotional waters get too hot; by hot I mean when the seeker comes face to face with the core fears that they have been battling with their whole life. Secondly, many seekers don’t know the difference between enlightenment and empowerment.
By Hu Dalconzo

Aging Gracefully: The Wit and Wisdom of Jack LaLanne
Originally published in New Life Health and Wellness, March 2005 What I learned about staying young from one very young 90 year old man!
By Susan Mosley

Maximizing Massage
Massage can be a powerful tool to help your body optimally perform its countless functions in its goal to maintain a healthy balance. Why not do everything you can to get the best possible results from every massage?
By Ariana Vincent, RMT, MTI

A life-changing brush with cancer
A real life story on the impact of cancer and how one man looked beyond the standard options and transformed his life.
By Carl Munson

A Mind to Ride - In Search of Magic
I started riding horses eighteen years ago at about the same time that I started training to be a hypnotherapist. I thought that it would be a good thing to have a hobby that got me exercising outside since I rather planned to spend my working life sitting still inside. I expected that the learning processes would run parallel; I didn’t expect that I would end up specialising in using my training in hypnotherapy, counselling and personal development to help riders deal with the challenges of riding – but that’s exactly what has happened! A Mind to Ride is the result. A Mind to Ride combines the ‘Equinimity’ self-hypnosis audio CD with the interactive LifeMapper CD-ROM and is suitable for anyone who understands ‘horsey talk’ as well as riders of all standards and disciplines. You can work independently at flexible times so that you can still meet all your other commitments and a full support programme (face-to-face/telephone/email) is available if you need any extra help. Sue McIntyre Dip.Adv.Hyp. Dip.Pers.Dev. Cert.Couns
By Sue McIntyre