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Hi, I'm Zen

Male / 60 / Domestic partner

Sun Sign: Cancer
Member Since: 10 Jun 2007
Last Login: 28 Aug 2012
Last Updated: 28 Aug 2012

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About Me

In Lakesh... (Mayan for 'I am another you')

I was adopted very young (6 weeks) and have gone through my abandonement issues with joyful results for the most part. My adoptive parents shared their love, values and zeal for life to encourage me to grow. My metaphysical experiences outgrew their understanding quickly and led me to many trials and tribulations in life. My life has been a onederful expression of a thirsty soul striving to know love, truth, universal law and how to connect with life in all its myriad forms.

I turned to eduholism as I got older, acquiring credentials and degrees to meet the needs of the public eye since the information I had to share is out of the realm of most experiencers. My life has mirrored an extraordinary realm of multidimensional experiences quite challenging to articulate at times. Serendipity and spontaneity allow for synchonistic events connected beyond any normal expectation.

Still, the practical application of technologies for creating must come forth - creating business endeavors and relationships that reflect the anthropic (life-friendly) attitude I've come to know so well. I was fortunate to start the process in my youth, so I've been able to weave tidbits into business facilitations and more.

In 1988 I started Be The Dream Consulting Services to demonstrate harmonic business and personal relationships in the workplace and how productivity would soar when certain human needs were met. Now as a Business and Personal Coach and Facilitator I have worked with alternative healing practitioners, holistic entrepreneurs, small business owners and green business development for a better world. I also facilitate partnering workshops on a variety of playing fields from construction to wellness.

I invite you to engage me in your quest for success. I promise you'll get much more for your money as you tune into your own prudent path and move forward.


My Business

I currently have a business listed within Holistic Local. To find out more about my business, click here to view the listing.

More About Me

Location: Gilbert, Arizona

Occupation: Business/Personal Coach & Facilitator

My Philosophy On Life: Live large... it takes the same energy as living small and it is a lot more fun. Honor all life and recognize that everything is connected to All That Is and live accordingly, knowing that your thoughts and feelings will determine your choices...what appears in front of you to engage. As much as possible, live in love...limitless oscillating vibrational energy. It is all around us and connects all things to us when we become conscious of our new living awareness. Flow comes when we anchor in our heart's unconditional love center, let go and pay attention to the daily presentations life gives to us as we take action toward life aspirations and goals, personal and professional. I wrote an article some years ago that sums up our responsibility: The Messianic Complex. In the early 90s I produced a television show called One World which was a wonderful educational experience for me, resulting in understanding that most people go through the same fears in their process toward success, whether personal or professional. They all relied on their inner feelings/voice to weed through the challenge of change to find balance and order in their lives.

My Interests: Consciousness, Ethics, Morals, Values and Transactions in business, personal and professional relationships., Planetary Administration and facilitating a new world order of fiscal, physical and spiritual responsibility toward people and planet., Golf, music (drummer, percussionist), rock climbing and hiking, traveling (astral and physical), deep conversations., Extraterrestrial civilizations and exopolitics. I've been a contactee since childhood and have a certain affinity with the cosmic crew and leadership organization., I'm attracting new business here, helping folks to learn the secret of transformation and balancing business and personal missions for Gaia's new Planetary Administration (folks who are making a better world).

My Inspirations: Osiris, Isis, Zephyr, Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene Ashtar & Athena, Buddha, Mom & Dad, Ghandi, Children and Grandchildren, Einstein, Gene Roddenberry, Tesla, KC Miller, Jean Chaudhuri, Janet Napolitano, Francis Barwood, Al Gore, Bono, Robin Engel and many more

Music I Love: Yes, Rush, Journey (early), Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Kitaro, Tangerine Dream, Chicago, Chick Corea, U2, Grover Washington Jr., Santana, Eric Clapton, Mickey Hart, Creed and too many more to list

Movies I Love: Contact, Matrix, Star Trek, Celestine Prophecy, The Secret, An Inconvenient Truth, Waking Life, Barabas

TV Shows I Love: CSI, Scrubs, Stargate

Books I Love: See, about, zen's_bibliography.htm">My life<, a>my bibliography

Places I Love: too many to list

Quotes I Love: "A point of perspection dances in the balance of the seer's vision." zenmeister
"To lead the people walk behind them." Lao Tzu
"Anything is possible to those who believe." JC
"Whatever you believe or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." Goethe



Tuesday, September 11th, 2007 3:31 AM

We share the very same tastes in music, Zen! :)

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